14 January 2008

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Now

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Before, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction had difficulty finding treatment that is very effective. Often they tend to hide their condition because there is not much medicine can do.

But when drug like Viagra (sildenafil citrate) was introduced in the market, it gave those suffering from erectile dysfunction the effective treatment that they have been long waiting for.

So what are the causes erectile dysfunction and how Viagra can treat it?

Erectile dysfunction could be a result of impeded blood circulation towards the penis. Increase blood supply to the penis gives full erection. Some neurogenic disorder like Parkinson’s disease, hormonal disorder like low testosterone level are few causes known. It could also be due to mental disorder like clinical depression or psychological problems. Some medications too like those anti hypertensive drugs inhibit erection.

Aging and unhealthy lifestyle are also contributing factors of erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is an oral medication that relaxes smooth muscle thus increasing the blood supply to the penis. The drug can take effect as quick as 30 minutes and lasting to up to 4 hours. But like any other drugs, proper consultation from your doctor and more knowledge about the drug should be obtained before using it.


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