25 April 2008

Loving Medical Blogs and More!

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Angel in the Sickroom said...

Hello Ma'am richelle!

If you have the time could you please update my link My Nurses Notes?

Could you please change it to "Angel in the Sickroom" and the new URL is http://blog.edgarvincentbautista.com.

I just moved to my own domain. Please and thank you. More power to you! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi frnd...am mishin u already..am lovin ur blog..i just hope we could spend a lot more tym together and talk abt bloggin..lam mo nmn new student lng aq d2, mjo konting tiyaga..hehe...nice posts by the way.. sympre akn un isa jan e..hehe

Anonymous said...

Uh...great...now I'm not going to get anything done because I've got this huge list of links to peruse! lol!!

Anonymous said...


It is a great and nice post and i like it.

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