30 March 2008

Thermal Angel Blood Warmer

In the operating room, the most useful equipment is the warmer. For the most part, we warm saline, intravenous fluids and blood for our patients in the operating room table. Hypothermia is one complication we have to avoid during the surgery. Patients under anaesthesia developed low temperature and we do not want to aggravate it by inducing cold fluids.

Fluid warmer like Thermal Angel is what a facility should have. It warms blood and IV fluids in just few seconds compare to older technology. This blood warmer is very efficient during emergency situation were we need to warm an IV fluid rapidly. You can research on the Internet to know more about Thermal Angel Blood Warmer Detail and how effective this equipment is.

Save to Google Bookmarks!The military, medic groups, rescue teams, emergency rooms are just but many Areas of use for Thermal Angel. This portable, battery powered, ready to use tool is what we need to save patients lives and to prevent avoidable complications.

Nursing Blogs Around 2

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Here are my other favorite nursing blogs. Try Alternative Nursing Career if you want to try other path besides being a bedside nurse. If you are a nursing student who wants to learn from a co nursing student's experiences and opinions then visit My Nurse's Notes. Likewise, Vanessa-Haruko, RN just passed the local board exam who also shares her experiences and knowledge about nursing. On how to take good care of your health, visit Health Matters. And for health news and nursing related issues go to Philippine Nurse Help. Click here for other nursing blogs around.

28 March 2008

A Dream Island Vacation

When talking about vacation, I always dream of going to a beach even it is a commercialized one but at least with preserved natural resources. I love beaches because I grew up close to one. I remember going to the nearby beach resort after school with some classmates just to feel the fresh air and unwind sometimes. Now that I am away from home, I do not have that chance anymore. But I am still looking forward to visit one sooner because I am very fond of beaches not only of the calmness it gives, but most importantly, the beauty in it.

One place everyone dreams of travelling is in Hawaii because the beaches are very natural. You can research more Hawaii Vacation Info in the net to see what this tourist destination can offer. Sometimes we have to treat ourselves with a vacation out of our ordinary lives to release stress and of course to have fun once in a while. Like, maybe having a Maui Vacation Rentals could make our break more exciting and remarkable. Hawaii is also known for their rich culture and amazing people that definitely could make an island vacation complete.

Decoding Progress Notes

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I just arrived home from my graveyard shift. It was not that difficult for me to review a certain patient's file but what I had a while ago was a little time consuming. I could not figure out what medication did the physician wrote in his progress notes. And he used abbreviations that I am not so familiar with, although it was internationally recognized terms. The research took my time to finished my job within my shift so I had extended some time.

Why do some doctors do not write their orders legibly? When I was working in the hospital, It was one of my problems, decoding what they really want to do with their patients! (lol) Especially now that I am facing with hundreds of doctors order and progress notes to decipher, my world became more complicated! Even how I turn my head side by side, zooming the pdf up to 200 percent still some handwritten files are unreadable. But it is part of my job, not only as a medical historian but as a nurse.

Whether we like it or not, decoding doctor's order is part of our daily hurdle. Sometimes it is annoying but most of the time it is challenging.

25 March 2008

He is into Web Hosting

I had a chat with a friend of mine yesterday and it’s been so long since the last time I heard from him. We were classmates in college but never practice his profession as a nurse. I was really glad to see him after like four years or so. I was telling him that I have a nursing blog and that I hope he could visit it. But I was amazed when he told me he is into web hosting. I remember that he was really interested with computer and all that stuff even way back college and I was glad he finally find his way to get what his heart desires.

So, I had the opportunity to ask him about web hosting and never thought that I even sounded like an idiot with my questions! (lol) But I am really glad to see him again and became the man he wanted to be. I recall that young and nice boy whom we always bugged before to do all the encoding with our case presentation final report. And here he is in front of me, same person yet definitely, a successful one.

23 March 2008

The Best Diet is a Balanced Diet

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Maintaining a balance diet is one of the difficult hurdles a type 2 diabetes mellitus patient endures everyday. It is the major intervention or management to prevent from having hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic attacks. Variety of food supplements are coming in the market that promises therapeutic effects or aids to a certain illnesses or diseases. Thousands of those kinds have the same content but different names and marketing strategies to attract consumers.

Supplemental nutrients are needed by those suffering with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus because not all the nutrients they need are can be found in most of our daily diet. They require something that can help them metabolize blood sugar more efficiently than others. Controlling the diet in patients with diabetes could help also in preventing the development of some complications like neuropathy, which could eventually lead to more problems and restrictions of usual lifestyle.

A balance diet that covers the food pyramid is the right diet not only for those having diabetes mellitus but for all of us. But for some reasons, it is not easy to follow the food requirements to complete the body's needed nutrients.

The reason why rampant use of food supplements is popular around the world it is because some of the food we need to obtain a well balanced diet because of the busy lifestyle we have. Problems like high blood pressure is also been a concern by many because of nothing else, but wrong diet.

So try to look again at your food pyramid and fill what is missing in your diet.

22 March 2008

Mnemonic Series No. 19: Possible Signs of Suicide Attempt


I –Ideation

S- Substance Abuse

P - Purposelessness

A - Anxiety

T - Trapped

H - Hopelessness

W - Withdrawal

A - Anger

R - Recklessness

M - Mood Changes

According to WHO, an estimated 877,000 deaths as a result of suicide was recorded in the year 2000. In 2007, there were 2436 cases of suicide at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) alone. (Health and Lifestyle Magazine, March-April issue)

What are the first aid techniques for suicide patients:

1. If the victim slashes his or her wrists, find a towel to put pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding. It is also advised to raise the wound above the chest.

2. If the person hanged him or herself, support the feet and then check the airway.

3. In cases of ingestion of substances, do not induce vomiting. Get the victim away from the source and remove clothing and jewelry.

4. When bringing the victim to the hospital, it is highly recommended that you bring the bottle of the substance that the victim ingested.

20 March 2008

More People Who Have Mortgage Problems Seek Help Today!

More people who have mortgage had been seeking help with regards to their payments. According to Alex MacDermott, of Citizen Advice, to BBC radio that there was a rise in people seeking assistance in paying their basic bills like electricity, water, gas and council tax. But an increase of 35 percent is people who are having difficulties with their mortgages. He advised that people should speak to their lenders to be more sympathetic.

During January and February 215,000 new clients went to the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice compared to the same time the previous year.

The Citizens Advice Bureau helps people resolve legal, money and other problems from over 4,000 locations.

It is very vital to select and consider more options when trying to acquire mortgage. Make sure that the lender you pick meets the requirements you prefer and that it will benefit you more than them. Do not just easily take one friend’s recommendation. Do your research. Go to websites that will give you professional advice and information on things you need to know like interest rates and the likes. You can also write your questions and concerns on what to look for when searching for mortgages to help you decide the right plan for.

I think one of the explanations why these days more people have difficulties in coping with their mortgages it’s because of increasing numbers of lenders. It tends to confused people on what agency to choose and eventually selected the one which does not correspond to what they are looking for.

Stigmata: Miraculous or a Hoax?

Save to Google Bookmarks!Today is Holy Thursday. I visited Greenbelt church a while ago and I was not aware that the whole mall was closed. So I went home after the mass and passed by some prayer station in our street. People are very busy saying their novena or prayers and some are singing. I remember when I was in Davao, during Holy week I always watch shows in television that features stories about Stigmata. I do not know but I find it so interesting even there was no recorded evidence that it is true. Only people who had “experience” having crucifixion wounds of Jesus relay their stories to us. What are STIGMATA, really? According to Wikipedia, Stigmata are bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. The term originates from the line at the end of Saint Paul's Letter to the Galatians where he says, "I bear on my body the marks of Jesus," stigmata is the plural of the Greek word stigma meaning a mark or brand such as might have been used for identification of an animal or slave. An individual bearing stigmata is referred to as a stigmatic. Some stigmatics feel the pain of wounds with no external marks; these are referred to as invisible stigmata. In other cases, stigmata are accompanied by extreme pain. Some stigmatics' wounds do not appear to clot, and stay fresh and uninfected; the blood from the wounds is said, in some cases, to have a pleasant, perfumed odor. Similarly self-inflicted wounds can be associated with certain mental illnesses. Some people who fake stigmata suffer from Munchausen syndrome which is characterized by an intense desire for attention. People with Munchausen hurt themselves or fake an illness hoping to end up in a hospital where they can be given attention and care. Miraculous or prank, medically explainable may be, stigma is part of the Roman Catholic faith. After St. Francis of Assisi’s stigmata was accepted by the Church authorities as authenticated, there are many who reported incident of having these wounds.

Until now, there are many who are skeptics because as mentioned, there were no documented cases of the actual occurrence of sustaining Stigmata but only reported cases and evidences of the wounds after it was incurred.

19 March 2008

An Alternative to Prescription Glasses

Save to Google Bookmarks! Not all who wears eyeglasses thought it was the best solution for eye problems like myopia, hyperopia and decreased vision due to eye straining or aging. There are some studies that prescription glasses could exacerbate vision problem itself. These concave glasses, in time could cause eye muscle spasm and could elevate pressure in the vitreous chamber of our eyes. This is how headache explains when using prescription glasses in long periods. For so many years that people only knew few answers to eye problem and the most convenient is the concave glasses.

Our eyes even we are born with a 20/20 vision will come a time, decreases its capacity due to various factors. Reading in a poor lighted environment; continues use of computer, television and portable game gadget are but few of the contributing factors in developing poor vision.

It is better to correct our eye problems with something that does not go beyond the natural mechanism or physiology of our eye. The more natural, the better correction and less damage it will cause.

There is a revolutionary and enhanced alternative to concave glasses like the Pinhole Glasses. These glasses became known today because consumers had finally understood its mechanism. Pinhole glasses do not use lenses to hasten vision. It uses direct light provision to the pupil so that our brain can interpret the image better. Now, there are light emissions that are from an extreme angle, which requires a large amount of refraction by our lens to form the correct image. That means that the focus the light to the pupil, the better the image. The pinhole glasses actually prevent these rays from entering our eyes to see clear image.

Pinhole glasses on the other hand, don’t work with the peripheral vision. It is only very effective if you are using your central vision as we are when we are working with a computer, watching television or movie in a theatre and reading. If ever you require using peripheral vision like driving, pinhole glasses should not be used.

18 March 2008

Having a Bad Credit Background?

Most wallets these days contain not much penny but ‘plastics’. Few maybe are left out without having credit card because of the convenience it gives. And sadly, these cards are also one of the roots why many of us tend to have bad credit loans. We know exactly that one bad credit record could never provide us another chance to avail other forms of loans. It is very unfortunate to be in this situation especially in times of crisis. In addition, most of the financing agencies do credit background check before granting someone a loan and if you’re not having a good one, most of them would easily turn your request down. But there are also websites on the Internet that can help those with bad credit loans to benefit whatever loans they require whether it is a home loan or personal loan. There are also who offer to help you assess your debt and at the same time rebuild your bad credit history so that you can avail loan again.

It is very important to keep an excellent credit history but no one knows things may turn out the way you do not want it to be, so be prepared for any possible solution for that.

Hotels near Trident Tower (Pearsonvue Manila)

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Pearson Professional Centers-Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 8210 2929 7803

Address: 27th Floor, Trident Tower 312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Manila (RCBC Plaza is the Landmark)

BSA Suites 103 C. Palanca St., Cor Dela Rosa St Makati City Philippines Phone Number: (632) 884-1463 Fax Number: (632) 856-0400 Email Address: sales@quantumsuites.com

City Garden Hotel 7870 Makati Avenue cor Kalayaan Avenue Makati City, Philippines Telephone: (632) 899-1111 Fax: (632) 899-1415 Email Address: makatireserve@citygardenhotels.com

Century Citadel Inn 5007 P. Burgos St. and Kalayaan St. Bel-Air Makati City Tel: (02) 897-2370, (02) 897-2666

El Cielito 804 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road) Makati City, Philippines Tel. No.: (02) 815-8951 to 54

Grand Soho Hotel - 1,700 per night. 02-7501569 0917-4762987 / 0922-8123538 / 0922-3651757

Prince Plaza II Dela Rosa Street corner Legaspi Street Legaspi Village, Makati City Metro Manila, Philippines Tel. Nos.: 840-3215 ; 894-2878 Fax No.:840-3215 ; 894-2992 Email Address: reservations.condotels@asbgroup.com.ph

Millenium Plaza Makati Avenue corner Eduque Street, Makati City, 1209, Philippines Telephone:(+63 2) 899-4718 to 22 Fax:(+63 2) 899-4746

Salcedo Suites ($33/night) LPL Manor Building, 116 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City Tel: (02) 893-2654 / (02) 813-6331
Regine’s Suites 339 Gil J Puyat Ave. Makati City Tel: (02) 899-9594

St. Illian's Inn - 1,690 7461 Santillan Street, Pio del Pilar Makati City 1230 Tel. Nos. (632) 893- 0754

Tiara Oriental Hotel

Malugay corner Talisay Streets, San Antonio Village, Makati City


16 March 2008

How to Apply NCLEX-RN

Save to Google Bookmarks! 1) Choose a Board of Nursing. (for list of various BON see http://www.ncsbn.org/ or rnstuff)

2) Submit an application with corresponding requirements to your chosen BON. Each BON has its own requirements and fees. Example: Vermont BON $150, California BON $75, New York BON $135.

3) After completion of your application to chosen BON, wait for your ELIGIBILITY. It is either thru snail mail or email. It will take usually from one month to three months.

4) When you received your eligibility. My suggestion is to start reviewing for the exam. Your eligibility has a validity of one year.

5) Register with Pearsonvue. The examination cost 200usd. And you have to pay 150 usd for the testing site outside USA and USA territories like Hong Kong, Philippines and India. Depending on the chosen BON, the validity of your ATT or Authority to Take the Test is from 3 months (Vermont) to one year (California). The NCLEX is daily and there are only 2 schedules, 9 am and 3 pm. You can choose the dates and time at your own convenience. But take note that most of the testing sites are easily filled up. So better call immediately for your schedule if you are already prepared to take the test.

6) When you have your ATT, keep one or print one because you will need that to present in the testing site and of course an ID like passport.

7) And that’s it! GOODLUCK! If you are looking for a place to stay here are some Hotels near Trident Tower(Pearsonvue Manila)

Slot Machine Addict?

Save to Google Bookmarks! Playing slot machine is very famous because not only it is effortless to play but it is also fun! The other reason why it is most loved by many casino players it's because the mechanism is easily comprehensible. The players do not need much ability to enjoy the game and probably win the jackpot.

For that popularity reason, an online version of slot machine was created. Like the most well visited Slots plus or Vegas Casino online, there are also other online slot machines that offer maximum bonuses. And if you are also looking for the best rated online slot machine websites, online slots city might be of help. There you can find different online slots that were visited, reviewed and rated by editors as well as by players to guide you in choosing the best online slot machine sites for you.

There are also some information at the website that might give you an idea how online slot machine works especially if you are new to this kind of set ups. Or if you want to be familiar with what websites that offer a standalone jackpot or linked jackpot slot, whichever suits your enjoyment, online slots city can also offer assistance on that.

15 March 2008

Top 10 Poisoning Cases in 2007

I was reading a Health and Lifestyle Magazine and I had encounter this article that I guess would help people know what are those commonly found substance in our household that could lead to accidental or non-accidental poisoning.

According to the National Poison Management and Control Center (NPMCC)in Philippines, the overall top 10 poisoning cases in 2007 are:

1) Kerosene: accidental poisoning among children because of improper storage.

2) Sodium hydrochloride: used for bleaching; non-accidental poisoning.

3) Silver jewelry cleaners: a white powder to be dissolved in water containing cyanide; a lethal poison 90 percent of the time; accidental poisoning in children due to improper storage.

4) Paracetamol: mostly non-accidental poisoning.

5) Ethanol: non-accidental poisoning or substance abuse.

6) Mixed pesticides: household pesticides.

7) Ferrous sulphate: iron tablet supplements; non-accidental poisoning.

8) Elemental mercury: mercury from broken termometer.

9) Organophosphate: pesticide; agricultural setting.

10) Isoniazid (INH): anti- TB medication.

10 March 2008

Combat Addiction Discreetly

I am working as a medical reviewer. My job is to review patient’s file with various cases from different facilities in the USA. During the time I was with this kind of job, I often encounter patients who were suffering from pain medication addiction. Vicodin and Darvocet are just few commonly prescribed pain killers for severe or chronic pain that could lead to addiction.

The only solution we always think of addiction is rehabilitation. It is very sad to think that our love ones will have to stop living their lives and be away from us for an addiction treatment.

But now, there is no need to go somewhere and turn away from the world if someone you know are having trouble with Opiate addiction. Our love ones can battle addiction without leaving us behind by having suboxone treatment.

Suboxone detox is using a revolutionary new drug called buprenophrine. This drug is acting similar with opiates that block pain and create euphoria but buprenophrine activates only few pathways of the brain that could lead to almost same effect of opiates. Apparently, buprenorphine can fool the brain into thinking that opiates are present, without actually creating any kind of dependency. When opiates detoxification takes place, eventually you can decrease the dose of buprenophrine for six-week period until you are completely drug-free at the end. This gradual transition lets your body and brain both fully adjust to the absence of any opiate.

So no need to seclude yourself from the community. Combat addiction discretely.

08 March 2008

Dopamine and Dobutamine Computation

Save to Google Bookmarks!for DOPAMINE, the constants are

single dose = 13.3 (translates to 200/250 or 400/500)

double dose = 26.6 (translates to 400/250 or 800/500)

... for DOBUTAMINE, the constants are

single dose = 16.6 (translates to 250/250 or 500/500)

double dose = 33.3 (translates to 500/250 or 1000/500)

the formula for the above computation is always...





notice in the sample computation of double-dose dopamine: pt wt. 176lbs. doctor ordered 5mcg/kg/MIN. available is 400/250 DOPAMINE in D5 water. how many ml/hr to give?

(5 mcg / kg min) x (80 kg) x (250 ml / 400 mg) x (1 mg / 1000 mcg) x (60 min / 1 hr)

if we summarize the 2nd line, this can be reduced to:

(5 mcg / kg min) x (80 kg) x (0.0375 ml min / mcg hr)

the short-cut it is:

(5 mcg / kg min) x (80 kg)


26.6 <-- (this is the RECIPROCAL of 0.0375)

: so in actuality the unit of 26.6 is (mcg hr / ml min)



pt wt. 176lbs. doctor ordered 5mcg/kg/MIN. available is DOUBLE-DOSE DOPAMINE in D5 water. how many ml/hr to give? so in this case we know that we will be using 26.6...

for the rest of the computation... just remember to elimitate the UNITS thru multiplication process in order to come up with the CORRECT DESIRED UNITS... REMEMBER YOUR CONVERSION FACTORS FOR TIME,WEIGHT & VOLUME...

lets have an example...

Infuse Nitroprusside 25 mg in D5W 250 ml at 50mcg /min using microdrip tubing.Determine the ml/hr and the gtts/min.


25 mg/250 ml ( there is 25 mg NA Nitroprusside PER 250 ml...based on the given)

50 mcg/min

60 mcgtts/1 ml <---- microdrip

Find: ml/hr :

(250ml/25mg) x (1 mg/1000 mcg) x (50mcg/min)

= 0.5ml/min

= (0.5ml/min) x (60min/1 hr) = 30 ml/hr <---answer

Find: gtts/min :


= 30 gtts/min <----answer

example 2 [...]

Infuse Dobutamine 500 mg in 250 ml D5W at 5 mcg/kg/min using microdrip tubing.The client weighs 182 lbs. Determine the ml/hr and the gtts/min.


500mg/250ml (this is double-dose dobu)

5 mcg/kg/min

182 lbs

60gtts/ml <------- microdrip


182 lbs x (1kg/2.2lbs) = 82.7kg

(5 mcg/kg min) x (82.7kg) = 413.5 mcg/min

413.5 mcg/min x 1mg/1000mcg = .4135 mg/min

.4135 mg/min x 250ml/500mg <--- ML is the numerator since were looking for ML/HR

= 0.20675ml/min

= 0.20675ml/min x (60 min / 1 hr) = 12.4 ml/hr <--ans

... using the short-cut: 33.3 is constant for double dose dobutamine...

5mcg/kg-min x 82.7kg divide by 33.3 = 12.41 ml/hr <--same answer.^^

Find: gtts/min

12.41 ml/hr x (1 hr/60 min) x (60gtts/ml) =

= 12 gtts/min... <---answer (Drops Per Minute MUST always be in WHOLE NUMBERS while ml/min, ml/hr,etc may have decimal points).

07 March 2008

Fetus in Fetu

I had received a forwarded email lately about a baby who had a growing fetus inside. I first heard this one when I was a clinical instructor. One of my students in OB/GYN exposure submitted a related reading with regards to this rare case.

They called it "fetus in fetu" in which one twin becomes trapped inside another during pregnancy and continues to grow.

Fetus in fetu is a developmental abnormality containing entire organ systems, even major body parts such as torso or limbs.

A fetus in fetu is alive in the sense that any healthy organ is alive. Its cells are alive, and its organs have a working blood supply from the host. However, a fetus in fetu is not capable of life outside its host: It sometimes has no functional brain, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, or urinary tract.

More interesting posts: Real SUPERHUMANS! Hypergraphia: people who can't stop writing! Paralyzed and Pregnant!

02 March 2008

From Tank Top to Bridal Gown!

Since I was in grade school I really like customizing my old shirts and jeans. I felt pleasure whenever I had created something called an “artwork” even most of the time I just hanged my creations on the walls of my room.

I remember too, during my college years we used to create T-shirt design for our foundation day and it was one of the fun memories I always remember. Until now, I kept some of my favourite customized shirt that we did. But lately, not only personalized shirts are being adored by many. There are also customized bags, flip flops, shoes and even undies or bikinis! And it is really great to express feelings and personality to this kind of trend.

If I was just using paints and buttons to put a spark on my jeans before, today there are a lot of materials that can be utilized to make a fashion statement! Well, of course if you are really looking for more cool designs like having some crystals on it, then there are experts on that. Try Custom Crystal Attire at AdvantageBridal.com. I have seen lots of exclusive designs on their website for any occasion or mood. From glittered tank tops to bridal gown creation, anything you can think that can be jazz-up is there. Whether for a gift to your love ones or just for personal use, you are assured that your satisfaction is what they are up to.

01 March 2008

Vitamin E linked to lung cancer

Taking high doses of vitamin E supplements can increase the risk of lung cancer, research suggests.
The US study of 77,000 people found taking 400 milligrams per day long-term increased cancer risk by 28% - with smokers at particular risk.
It follows warnings about similar risks of excessive beta-carotene use.
Writing in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, an expert said people should get their vitamins from fruit and veg.[...]

Dr Tim Byers, from the University of Colorado, said a healthy, balanced diet meant people took in a whole range of beneficial nutrients and minerals, which might help to reduce cancer risk. The researchers followed people aged between 50 and 76 for four years and looked at their average daily use of vitamin C and folic acid, and vitamin E supplements. Over the course of the study, 521 people developed lung cancer. Smoking, family history and age all had unsurprisingly strong links to cancer risk. And while neither vitamin C or folic acid use had any effect on lung cancer risk, vitamin E use did. The researchers extrapolated their findings, and concluded that over a decade, there was an additional 7% increase in risk for every 100 milligrams taken per day. The vitamin E trend was most prominent among smokers, but was not confined to them. Vitamin E is known to be an antioxidant - protecting cells from molecules called free radicals. But the US researchers speculate that, in high doses, it may also act as a pro-oxidant - causing oxidation and therefore damage to cells. 'Toxic effects' Dr Christopher Slatore of the University of Washington in Seattle, who led the study, said: "In contrast to the often assumed benefits or at least lack of harm, supplemental vitamin E was associated with a small increased risk of lung cancer. "Future studies may focus on other components of fruits and vegetables that may explain the decreased risk of cancer that has been associated with fruit and vegetables. "Meanwhile, our results should prompt clinicians to counsel patients that these supplements are unlikely to reduce the risk of lung cancer and may be detrimental." But Henry Scowcroft, senior science information officer at Cancer Research UK, said: "The jury's still very much out on whether vitamin and mineral supplements can affect cancer risk. "Some studies suggest a benefit, but many others show no effect and some, like this one, suggest they may even increase risk." He added: "Research repeatedly shows that a healthy, balanced diet can reduce your risk of some cancers while giving you all the vitamins you need. "Quitting smoking remains the most effective way to avoid many cancers. There's no diet, or vitamin supplement, that could ever counter the toxic effects of cigarette smoke." In 2002 a Finnish study of 29,000 male smokers found taking beta-carotene - which is converted into vitamin A in the body - was linked to an 18% increased risk of developing lung cancer.
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