29 January 2008

Mnemonic Series N0. 18: Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Pathology


D - decrease alphafetoprotein and unconjugated estriol
O- one extra chromosome 21
W- women of advanced age
N- nondisjunction during maternal meiosis

Down Syndrome Feature

C- congenital heart disease/cataract
H- hypotonia/hypothyroidism
I- incure fifth finger/increased gap betwwen 1st and 2nd toe
L-leukemia risks x2/lung problem
D-duodenal atresia/delayed development
H- hirschsprund's disease/hearing loss
A- alzheimers disease
S- squint/short neck
P-rotruding tongue/palm crease
R- round face/rolling eye (nystagmus)
O-occiput flat/oblique eye fissure
B- brushfield spot/brachycephaly
L-low nasal bridge/language proeblem
E-epicanthic fold/ear folded
M- mental retardationmyoclonus
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19 January 2008

Meeting You!

Save to Google Bookmarks!January 17 is my dad's birthday. I greeted him and wished him good health. At the same time this was also the day I met someone I knew technically from the virtual world. Actually, he is a close friend of my best friend Gold. She is the one who introduced me to him thru ym. He is a nurse working in Miami and also from Davao City. He is here for his vacation. He purposely came in Makati just to meet me and I was flattered. But deep within I was fearful of what impression he might have of me. I am not good on this meeting thing though I always try to be myself. I don't have that confidence that someone might like me or my personality. I know I should not think about anything like that but I can't help it. I guess I am just good in pleasing other people than having other person pleased me. I hate attention. I don't want to be the center of it. I wanted to be just someone behind that stage curtain. A supporting actress perhaps.

I really appreciated the great effort he put into just to see the real person behind that candid photos in my friendster account or that face which my friend Gold had been put into exaggerated words. Curious he may be, I hope I did made him see the real me.

18 January 2008

Trident Tower Location Map

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Don't know how to apply for NCLEX? here is how...

Another map to locate PearsonManila and hotels nearest the area...click here

14 January 2008

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Now

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Before, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction had difficulty finding treatment that is very effective. Often they tend to hide their condition because there is not much medicine can do.

But when drug like Viagra (sildenafil citrate) was introduced in the market, it gave those suffering from erectile dysfunction the effective treatment that they have been long waiting for.

So what are the causes erectile dysfunction and how Viagra can treat it?

Erectile dysfunction could be a result of impeded blood circulation towards the penis. Increase blood supply to the penis gives full erection. Some neurogenic disorder like Parkinson’s disease, hormonal disorder like low testosterone level are few causes known. It could also be due to mental disorder like clinical depression or psychological problems. Some medications too like those anti hypertensive drugs inhibit erection.

Aging and unhealthy lifestyle are also contributing factors of erectile dysfunction.

Viagra is an oral medication that relaxes smooth muscle thus increasing the blood supply to the penis. The drug can take effect as quick as 30 minutes and lasting to up to 4 hours. But like any other drugs, proper consultation from your doctor and more knowledge about the drug should be obtained before using it.

12 January 2008

Health and Safety Precaution in Construction

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Are you into construction? Are you looking for a website that will help you excel in this competitive world of skilled labour force?

Training your staff can be an easy way to make them ready for action and updated with what is latest in construction. Or if you are an individual who wants to have a new career in construction then there are a lot of courses for you to make it happen.

At www.cskills.org, you can choose all the options you require whether for yourself or for your construction workforce. And most important aspect to learn and have some advanced knowledge is on Health and Safety. It is important that each individual working in the construction to find out safety issues on sites to prevent future accidents. It will also minimize losing time and possible lawsuit risks.

There is a common saying that “A little learning is a dangerous thing”.

Paralyzed and Pregnant

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The weather here in Makati is gloomy. I am so lazy to get up in my bed and make my off day fruitful. hehehe. So instead I watched Discovery channel home and health and was so interested with their episode about paralyzed and pregnant. It is amazing how these women sacrifice so much for their babies. Some have to do bed rest for 8 months, have blood transfusion to maintain the baby's health and all that.

We often ask questions whether paralyzed women can actually sustain or survive the whole pregnancy thing. And the answer is yes. First, the facts are simple. No matter what the level of injury or dysfunction, women can, and do, have children and share the same parental responsibilities of all women. They must decide whether they are physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for the responsibilities of a baby. They must know how their bodies will change and how to best avoid complications during pregnancy. They need birth control if they do not want to become pregnant.

Second, understanding the pregnancy. You can begin your education by talking with a rehabilitation physician (physiatrist) who is very familiar with the reproductive health concerns of women with Spinal Cord Injury. Then find a specialist. They call themselves as "High risk Obstetricians". They are the best persons who can handle these kind of pregnancies.

Third, Preparing for Pregnancy. If you become pregnant before talking to your obstetrician, you should contact your obstetrician immediately.

Medications. Many prescribed and over-the-counter medications normally used by women with SCI can cause, or add to, problems during pregnancy. Some medications can also have an adverse affect on fetal growth. Therefore, it is essential that all medications (including vitamin supplements) be evaluated by your obstetrician before pregnancy and continually re-evaluated each trimester.

Some conditions that you might manage with medications include bowel management, pain, sexual dysfunction, muscle spasms, and urinary tract infection (UTI). Urologic Check-up You should first have a complete urologic exam if you are planning to have a baby. X-rays should not be done during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary. They can harm the fetus. You and your obstetrician can discuss what type of urologic follow-up care that you need during your pregnancy.

Physical Changes. Some women with SCI/D have skeletal abnormalities such as curvature of the spine, pelvic fracture, or hip dislocation. These conditions can limit the space in the abdomen necessary to carry a full-term fetus. These abnormalities can also make vaginal delivery difficult.

Team Approach. If your obstetrician has limited experience managing pregnancies of women with SCI/D, it is recommended that you take a “team” approach to your pregnancy. You and your obstetrician can consult with an experienced physiatrist, nurse, urologist, anesthesiologist, neurologist, respiratory therapist, physical therapist, and occupational therapist on specific concerns about pregnancy, labor and delivevery.

Although paralyzed women is not easy to be pregnant . It is a mother's instinct that gives them strength to survive. Being pregnant if not, the only way they can feel that they are capable of doing something which other may think impossible. I salute them. More interesting posts:

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09 January 2008

Kids should Have A Sport

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It is very important for the kids to have a sport of their own. Like we always know that it will help them develop so many good values in life. Well, of course sportsmanship is one. Parents should not only encourage their children to have a sport but of course what is important is the full support that the kids can attain from their parents.

One of the popular sports most people love especially the kids is baseball. It is being played around the world in a year round whether professionally or just for fun. This is also one of the sports that can bring the family closer together because some of the people have this as a family activity. And playing baseball is not so fun if without a proper uniform and equipment like the popular baseball bats. Children would be more enthusiastic in engaging themselves to baseball if they have nice gear to use. Good baseball stuff quality is also imperative because this things can protect the children from possible injuries during the game which is cannot be avoided.

Sometimes really it is expensive to have a sport or support a hobby of the children. But honesty, team work, patience, independence, quick mind are just few but many that money cannot substitute with. So, forget about thinking how much you spend for them.

Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism

03 January 2008

Saving Lives Means Complete Medical Supplies

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I remember when I was working in the Paediatric unit at King Saud Hospital few years back. I was so overwhelmed how abundant the medical supplies in the unit. All the basic supplies that the unit needs are there. I never had to be bothered what I am going to use for the following shifts.

It is really great to work knowing I have everything on hand. It means not worrying were I can borrow supplies in times that the unit needs some especially those latex exam gloves which we often used. It made my work easier and less time consuming. It means continuous nursing care. Sometimes lack of supply is one of the reasons why some procedures were delayed or postponed. That is why it is very important to have a complete medical supplies all the time. It will help save lives.

How I wish sooner our country will have enough budget for health units like the government hospitals so that we can serve the people at our best.

New Year's Eve Fireworks!

It was my first time to celebrate New Year here in Manila particularly in Marikina. I had experience several occasions spending holiday seasons away from home but I can say that celebrating the Christmas and New Year in a Pinoy way is very different.

I really enjoyed the fireworks all over the town. It’s been so long since I had seen seemingly unending display of different fireworks since it was ban in my hometown Davao City. Yes, New Year in Davao is quite solemn so to speak. All I can hear during New Year's eve is the sirens of the 911 ambulance at their station located near the Marco Polo Hotel.

Anyways, it is a new beginning again for all of us. It is time to reflect what the previous year had brought us. I am hoping that this will be a good one for all!

Happy 2008!

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