03 January 2008

Saving Lives Means Complete Medical Supplies

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I remember when I was working in the Paediatric unit at King Saud Hospital few years back. I was so overwhelmed how abundant the medical supplies in the unit. All the basic supplies that the unit needs are there. I never had to be bothered what I am going to use for the following shifts.

It is really great to work knowing I have everything on hand. It means not worrying were I can borrow supplies in times that the unit needs some especially those latex exam gloves which we often used. It made my work easier and less time consuming. It means continuous nursing care. Sometimes lack of supply is one of the reasons why some procedures were delayed or postponed. That is why it is very important to have a complete medical supplies all the time. It will help save lives.

How I wish sooner our country will have enough budget for health units like the government hospitals so that we can serve the people at our best.


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