19 January 2008

Meeting You!

Save to Google Bookmarks!January 17 is my dad's birthday. I greeted him and wished him good health. At the same time this was also the day I met someone I knew technically from the virtual world. Actually, he is a close friend of my best friend Gold. She is the one who introduced me to him thru ym. He is a nurse working in Miami and also from Davao City. He is here for his vacation. He purposely came in Makati just to meet me and I was flattered. But deep within I was fearful of what impression he might have of me. I am not good on this meeting thing though I always try to be myself. I don't have that confidence that someone might like me or my personality. I know I should not think about anything like that but I can't help it. I guess I am just good in pleasing other people than having other person pleased me. I hate attention. I don't want to be the center of it. I wanted to be just someone behind that stage curtain. A supporting actress perhaps.

I really appreciated the great effort he put into just to see the real person behind that candid photos in my friendster account or that face which my friend Gold had been put into exaggerated words. Curious he may be, I hope I did made him see the real me.


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