29 February 2008

HYPERGRAPHIA: driving compulsion to write!

Did you know that there is a disorder called HYPERGRAPHIA? It means the driving compulsion to write or the overwhelming urge to write. Actually, it is not itself a disorder, but can be associated with temporal lobe changes in epilepsy or mania.

Hypergraphia was one of the central issues in the mysterious story of Virginia_Ridley, a woman who also suffered from agoraphobia and epilepsy and remained secluded in her home for twenty-seven years. When her husband, Alvin Ridley, was accused of holding his wife in the home for almost three decades and killing her, her ten thousand-plus page hypergraphic journal was central at the 1999 trial and in the ultimate acquittal of Mr. Ridley. Her writings literally answered every question raised about the mysterious woman in the small town of Ringgold, Georgia, when prosecutors had assumed that she had been held against her will and murdered.

Both Vincent van Gogh and Fyodor Dostoevsky are reported to have been affected by Hypergraphia. The fearsomely prolific American composer Alan Hovhaness may have been affected by hypergraphia. He claimed to have thrown over 1,000 of his early compositions into the fireplace in the 1940s whilst still a young man, and even at the time of his death, in 2000, had penned at least 400 more, of which at least 300 are published.

Lewis Carroll, the esteemed author of "Alice in Wonderland" is said to have had hypergraphia; in his lifetime he wrote over 98,000 letters varying in format. The letters were written backwards, in rebus, and in different patterns, such as the "Mouse Tail" in the former book.

The Reverend Robert Shields maintained a diary chronicling every 5 minutes of his life from 1972 until a stroke disabled him in 1997. The resulting work filled 94 boxes and contained approximately 37.5 million words.


Interfaith Rally in Makati

Save to Google Bookmarks!I was at 6am to 2pm shift duty today. I came out from the building enjoying the sight of people started to gather for the interfaith rally. Some of them were still distributing the banners, flags and other stuff to their members. At the news when I arrived home, they were already thousands around Ayala Triangle.

27 February 2008

Wanna Work ABROAD?

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Gusto mo bang Mag Abroad?
For those who are looking for a job abroad, why not try this?

There will be an Overseas Job Fair on March 28, 2008 at Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) in Manila, from 8am to 5 pm. This is organized by Ang OFW Ngayon, a newspaper for the OFW. PTTC is located at Sen Gil Puyat corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

For more information, please call Mr Alvan Cruz, Ms Charmaine Vergara or Ms Mimi Jabonga at (632) 832-9791, 832-9794, 551-3871 or 551-1775. You may also send email to: marketing@ofwngayon.com.

26 February 2008

The Stem Cell Miracle

It has been a while when we start hearing about the research with regards to stem cell manipulation to help treat diseases and illnesses. It is, until now in a controversial debate whether it is safer to use or it needs more study and testing.

Recently, it was featured on the National Geographic Channel in their Reel Asia documentaries regarding stem cells. People across the world, take their chances of getting the management they have been waiting their whole life, went to countries like Thailand, China and Singapore to try what stem cell can do with their illnesses. In these countries, there are some doctors and hospitals that are already using stem cell to treat patients. They believe that stem cell can be of a cure than harm. Quadriplegic for five years due to automobile accident, suddenly started to move his hands and feet and even can stand just after few injections of manipulated stem cell. He could not imagine that this miracle could take place in front of him.

The stem cells collected from the donor were processed and manipulated depending on what part or organ it will be transplanted. They said that cold blood stem cell is safer to use with less probability of rejection. And for now, no one knows the long term effect of this treatment. But for those people who have been suffering for so long could not wait for ten or twenty years more to become stem cell transplantation will be legal. Well in fact, most of them do not have that time to live so might as well experienced again how to live a normal life. Just to see their selves walk again or move their hands or able to see and talk once more is something they have all are asking for… being normal again.

When I saw these people improved significantly after just few sessions of stem cell injections made me convinced that it is indeed very promising. Hopefully, soon we can make use of it legally because it can really help a lot of people.

15 February 2008

Bad Hair Day No More

Hair is said to be our crowning glory. So we have to take extra care of our hair to avoid irreversible damage to it. I love my hair so much that I spend more in making it healthy and beautiful more than anything else...

I have here some tips I collected to make your hair prettier and more attractive without spending much.

If Your Hair Is Curly:

Since your hair is prone to dryness, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. After washing, gently blot hair dry with an absorbent towel and apply 4 to 6 drops of silicone-based shine serum (the thicker your hair, the more you can use). Detangle hair with fingers, and allow it to air dry.

If Your Hair Is Wavy:

Lather up with a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Rinse well. Smooth and separate wet strands with wide-tooth comb, then spritz a silicone-based shine-enhancing spray from ends to roots. Dry hair using a blowdryer with a tapered nozzle to direct air down the hair shaft and seal the cuticle.

If Your Hair Is Straight:

Your hair tends to lie flat against your scalp, where it can accumulate shine-dulling grease.

To avoid this, use a deep-cleaning shampoo daily and apply a clarifying gel treatment to roots once a week to prevent oil buildup. After blowing hair dry, use a flatiron to enhance sheen.

To remove split ends:

* Take small sections of hair and carefully twist them in a gentle downward motion.

Any split ends will automatically stick out.

* Carefully snip into the twist with sharp scissors. Don’t cut right through; just cut into the thickness to remove the damaged cuticles and give a natural layered effect.

* Be careful to cut roughly the same amount from each twist.

How To Brush Long Hair Properly:

Bend forward, allowing hair to fall. Using only a wooden base natural bristle brush, bring hair from the nape of the neck over the head and down to the ends. Then, stand straight again with hair falling normally and brush from the underside of the hairline down the strands to the ends. Now, brush the top layers into place with long, even strokes. After each stroke, smooth hair with hands to reduce static. Increase the number of strokes weekly, starting with five and increasing by one a week until you find a comfortable routine. If oiliness develops, reduce strokes.

Brush only when dry. Hair is weakest when it is wet and brushing can easily damage it. Even when hair is dry, always comb before brushing.

Of course, healthy hair means healthy diet. Add some nutrients in your diet to maintain the health of your hair. If your hair is dry and breaks easily, it is probably a lack of essential fatty acids. By including plenty of good sources of essential fatty acids in your diet you can give your hair back its strength and lustre.

You can find these essential fatty acids in oily fish such as tuna, sardines, trout, salmon, herrings and mackeral. Also in seeds, nuts, olives and avocados. You should try to eat four servings of oily fish a week.Another nutrient important for hair strength and growth is trace mineral silica. Silica is vital to the strength of hair, and can stop hair breakage, unfortunately many of the foods we eat in the western world lack this mineral. Through food processing and chemical soil treatments, trace minerals are rare in our diets.

When possible, always choose organic produce. Foods that a rich in silica are rice, oats, lettuce, parsnips, asparagus, onion, strawberry, cabbage, cucumber, leek, sunflower seeds, celery, rhubarb, cauliflower and green, leafy vegetables.

Have a "no bad hair day" everyday!

03 February 2008

Her World Flips Around

I seldom find friends I really see myself being happy with. If ever I found that someone, you bet I stay around.

I once met this funny, nice and cute girl. After just a few hours talking with each other, we click! We started eating together and sharing girls stuff and all. Until one day she told me she was diagnosed with SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus. I feel guilty inside because I felt sorry for her and I should not. I should feel sorry for myself because I always complained about my work. And here she is taking a new path. Turning her back to her old dreams and building a new one. She did not choose to be here but she took it with all her might. She tried hard to excel in the field she never thought she will be into. She is creating new path for her to leave a trace. Her world flips around.

I feel I cannot do anything every time she has palpitation or felt weak whenever she is stressed. Sometimes she will just make fun of her flares. I never saw her felt sorry for herself, never heard her blame someone else or questioned God why of all people He chooses her. I admire her a lot. She does not know this but I envy her for having the courage I hope I have. It is a long battle for her but I know she will win in the end because when God gave her this trial, she embraces it without hesitations...
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