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26 February 2008

The Stem Cell Miracle

It has been a while when we start hearing about the research with regards to stem cell manipulation to help treat diseases and illnesses. It is, until now in a controversial debate whether it is safer to use or it needs more study and testing.

Recently, it was featured on the National Geographic Channel in their Reel Asia documentaries regarding stem cells. People across the world, take their chances of getting the management they have been waiting their whole life, went to countries like Thailand, China and Singapore to try what stem cell can do with their illnesses. In these countries, there are some doctors and hospitals that are already using stem cell to treat patients. They believe that stem cell can be of a cure than harm. Quadriplegic for five years due to automobile accident, suddenly started to move his hands and feet and even can stand just after few injections of manipulated stem cell. He could not imagine that this miracle could take place in front of him.

The stem cells collected from the donor were processed and manipulated depending on what part or organ it will be transplanted. They said that cold blood stem cell is safer to use with less probability of rejection. And for now, no one knows the long term effect of this treatment. But for those people who have been suffering for so long could not wait for ten or twenty years more to become stem cell transplantation will be legal. Well in fact, most of them do not have that time to live so might as well experienced again how to live a normal life. Just to see their selves walk again or move their hands or able to see and talk once more is something they have all are asking for… being normal again.

When I saw these people improved significantly after just few sessions of stem cell injections made me convinced that it is indeed very promising. Hopefully, soon we can make use of it legally because it can really help a lot of people.


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