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03 February 2008

Her World Flips Around

I seldom find friends I really see myself being happy with. If ever I found that someone, you bet I stay around.

I once met this funny, nice and cute girl. After just a few hours talking with each other, we click! We started eating together and sharing girls stuff and all. Until one day she told me she was diagnosed with SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus. I feel guilty inside because I felt sorry for her and I should not. I should feel sorry for myself because I always complained about my work. And here she is taking a new path. Turning her back to her old dreams and building a new one. She did not choose to be here but she took it with all her might. She tried hard to excel in the field she never thought she will be into. She is creating new path for her to leave a trace. Her world flips around.

I feel I cannot do anything every time she has palpitation or felt weak whenever she is stressed. Sometimes she will just make fun of her flares. I never saw her felt sorry for herself, never heard her blame someone else or questioned God why of all people He chooses her. I admire her a lot. She does not know this but I envy her for having the courage I hope I have. It is a long battle for her but I know she will win in the end because when God gave her this trial, she embraces it without hesitations...


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