30 August 2007

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is one way to promote weight loss usually recommended to treat obese patients. Nowadays, this surgery is also one of the services offered by some plastic surgery clinics.

28 August 2007

Mnemonic Series No. 5: Care of Client in Traction

T- Temperature (extremity) R- Ropes hang freely A- Alignment C- Circulation check (5 P`s) T- Type and location of fracture I- Increase Fluid Intake O- Overhead trapeze N- No weights on bed or floor

26 August 2007

June 2007 Nursing Licensure Exam: Performance of the Schools in Davao Region and North Cotabato

The most awaited June 2007 Nursing Board Examination is out and here is a list of the performance of the most popular nursing schools in Davao Region and North Cotabato.
Arriesgado College Foundation Inc., Tagum City Davao del Norte - 63%
Ateneo de Davao University, Davao City - 60%
Brokenshire College, Davao City - 42%
Davao Docotors College, Davao City - 40%
Mindanao Medical Foundation College, Davao City - 20%
North Davao College Foundation, Tagum City - 17%
North Valley College Foundation, Inc., Kidapawan City - 39%
Notre Dame of Midsayap College, Midsayap - 47%
St. Mary`s College of Tagum, Tagum City - 40%
San Pedro College, Davao City - 72%
Tecaro College Foundation, Inc., Davao City - 22%
University of Immaculate Conception, Davao City - 17%
click here to view the topnotchers and the complete list of the performance of all Nursing schools.
click here to see the full list of names of passers.

23 August 2007

GOd BleSs YoU All!



it seems as though our lives are one test after another, weighing us in somebody's balance. Save us from taking the coming test too seriously or too lightly, but grant that we may reflect the best of the work we've done and the best of the teaching we've received. . . .

John W. Vannorsdall Notre Dame Prayer Book

Dear Lord,

Sometimes I feel a little strange praying to you because of an exam. It doesn't really seem all that significant when you consider the "big picture." But right now, the test looms so large that it is all I can see before me.

I pray to you for three things: - the strength to handle the pressure that I feel, - the confidence to feel secure in my knowledge and preparation, - and the ability to keep an appropriate perspective on it all. Help me to keep in mind what is really important, even as I focus all of my time and energy on this test in the immediate future. Amen

09 August 2007

Mnemonic No.4: Mixing Insulin

Draw up the clear...
(clear and fast-acting)

before the cloudy

(cloudy and long acting)

This is to prevent contaminating the short-acting insulin with a long-acting insulin.

06 August 2007

Where I was Born as a Clinical Instructor

SPC having some improvements...
San Pedro College is located at 12-c de Guzman Street, Davao city just beside the San Pedro Hospital and at the back of Gaisano Mall in Bajada is the number 1 nursing school in Mindanao and accredited to Level lll by PAASCU. I was with this institution for 3 years and I'm glad in some ways that I am part of this prestigious school. I miss my days here and the friends I made...

05 August 2007

Finding the Cheapest Medicines in Town

click the LOGO to view the price list of the common OTC drugs available.
"Botika ng Bayan" is a drugstore where Filipinos can find the cheapest drugs in the country. This is one of the government's program that has been implemented for a couple of months now. The government aim to decrease the prices of essential medicines by 50% by year 2010.
These pharmacies are placed all over the Philippines and able to reached most remote areas that are far from drugstores and hospitals.
It is indeed a great effort from the government to reach out to us and be able to make us feel that somehow we have been given something.
Click the LOGO above to view the price list of the OTC drugs available at the Botika ng Bayan.

04 August 2007

Mnemonic No. 3: Hypernatremia

"You Are Fried"

F - Fever (low), flushed skin

R - Restless (irritable)

I - Increased fluid retention & increased BP

E - Edema (peripheral and pitting)

D - Decreased urinary output, dry mouth

Can also use this one:


S = Skin flushed

A = Agitation

L = Low-grade fever

T = Thirst

02 August 2007

Mnemonic No.2: Eye Medication

MIOTIC (little word-little pupil) constriction
MYDRIATIC (big WORD-big pupil)

01 August 2007

Mnemonic No.1: Gluten Free Diet(restricted food)

B arley R ye O ats W heat
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