09 August 2007

Mnemonic No.4: Mixing Insulin

Draw up the clear...
(clear and fast-acting)

before the cloudy

(cloudy and long acting)

This is to prevent contaminating the short-acting insulin with a long-acting insulin.


Babs RN said...

It used to be just the opposite - draw the cloudy before the clear so that if you accidentally contaminated the clear you could visually see it.

Funny how things change.

Anonymous said...

you also try the mnemonic RN (registered nurse)

humulin R
humulin N

so by looking first at the first letter aspirate (which is R)

and then with the second letter N
aspirate humulin N

Richelle said...

So ic... it was the other way around before...

yup... thats cool also... RN.
thank u...

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