28 April 2007

Is Leptin the Missing Link in Preventing Obesity in the Future?

Have you ever thought of an effective solution to stay fit and healthy? Or praying that someday we will survived obesity and live a normal life?
There are a lot of medications, treatments, surgical interventions, exercise regimens that has been done to maintain or to achieve the figure that we want but to no surprise few were just successful. And what about the teasing and the bullying that we get from school because we are fat and/or obese? It decreases our self esteem and destroys our body image perception.
These are the reasons why researcher are dying to discover a solution so that no child would suffer from obesity in the future. And that they would live a healthy life without experiencing the trauma that obesity may bring them.
Researchers at University of Buckingham led by Dr. Mike Cawthorn are studying about adding LEPTIN to infant formula and other food to prevent future occurrence of obesity especially those of with family history.
Leptin is a protein hormone that plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure. It came from the greek word leptus meaning "thin". Leptin is located in chromosome 7 in humans and produced by the adipose tissue and interacts with six types of receptors. One of the important receptors is the LepRb which is present in the hypothalamic nuclei. It binds in the Ventral Medial nucleus in the hypothalamus which is the "satiety center". When it binds in the nucleus, it signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat. Thus, circulating leptin levels give the brain a reading of energy storage for the purposes of regulating appetite and metabolism.
In short, the more leptin, the more our body will not crave for food because it commands the brain that we have enough energy. Hmm, sound very interesting right?
The research is very young for now, they have just tried the experiment in pregnant rats and noted that offsprings did not gain too much weight and did not developed obesity as compared to untreated pregnant rats. Professor Steve O'Rahilly of clinical biochemistry and medicine at University of Cambridge said that there are several researchers who tried this to animals and eventually worked well in preventing obesity. But this needs to be firm up according to him.
How about proving its effect to human?
Now, the criticism begins, experts in chemistry and industry are skeptical with this finding due to human testing. They said it is a " wildly optimistic science fiction"
Dr Nick Finer, clinical director of the Wellcome Clinical Research Facility at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, agreed. He said that the concept is exciting but scary because its a new approach of testing. It needs evidence that this will work in human.
With its extraordinary claims, " Would it be tested to newly born children?"
I don't know.
If ever this will be marketed, it would be a surprised for the experts. And a great news for the consumers and obese patients.
As of know, we have to stick on the usual and proven techniques in maintaining weight. We don't know, maybe in the near future we can see "fortified with Leptin" in labels of some infant formulas and foods.

26 April 2007

"One Airway, One Disease"

Information campaign made in Europe that rhinitis is intimately linked with asthma is done by Global Allergy and Asthma European Network to all Health care professionals and patients. They found out that prevalence of allergic rhinitis is increasing to up to 20% in school children and 30% in teenagers. Patients should never ignore this and should give importance to adequately diagnose and treat allergic rhinitis to improve quality of life and decrease the risk of developing asthma or asthma exacerbation.
"One airway, one disease" is the concept. Rhinitis and asthma were treated differently, but it was proven that there is a significant improvement if they treat nose and bronchi disease together. Although the link between this two is causal but physicians recognizes rhinitis in asthmatic patient and asthma in patient with rhinitis .
How does it links?
It's the "united airways prospectives" Rhinitis affects the nose, asthma affects the lungs. Rhinitis is a risk factor of asthma and worsening of the allergic rhinitis symptoms can be associated with asthma exacerbation. Several view points are taken to study physiopathological links. From early life events to the translation of allergic sensitisation into allergic diseases and finally the physiological developments as allergic diseases become persistent or aggravated.
So, do not ignore your rhinitis by just taking any antihistamines, diphenhydramine , or hydrocortisone for temporary relief. Go to your doctor for proper care management.

24 April 2007

teaching myself (X)HTML

I know what is COPD,CRF, MI and most of medical abbreviations but how about HTML, XHTML, CSS? I had been using a computer for more than a decade now, but as I am familiar with its basic uses, I want to learn more and more and discover the very useful and unique part of it. What makes me read this book is my creative side. I want to have a unique page, I want to create some templates in the future for blogger. For so many years, I focused myself a lot with my career as a nurse. I tried Operating room, Delivery room, Paediatrics, I became a school nurse and presently as a Clinical Instructor. Now, I want something new to learn. Something outside my world. Well, its the Computer Age now! Technology is getting better and better! So I must keep up with that. Learning only the basic use of computer would not be enough in the near future so better get started now. All web pages are written with some form of HTML which lets you format text, add sound, graphics, videos etc., which is written on some form (code) that only the computer can read. HTML means HyperText Markup Language. Its free, it is available to all, but you have to learn and understand it. Not all of the users experience it in the same way. What I mean is that the speed of your connection, type of the computer, monitor, browser, etc. will make a different outcomes although in general computers can read HTML.
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets originally is used to recreate the HTML effects. But CSS is more useful now as the newer version came out, you can position elements on your web page with precision and style. As I understand HTML is like your template, and how you drag one element to another in your template to satisfy your eyes when you click the preview, is CSS. Lucky for us new users that the template and element arrangements are already preset and easy to use. But it is only limited. That is why you need to know some background in making web pages by using basic HTML. Due to unsatisfaction on what HTML can do, they created a new version of HTML which is the Extensible Markup Language or XML. It is a language for creating other languages. It uses a lot of punctuations which is more complicated to use than HTML. As I understood, it can makes you open another task for another purpose as easy as you can't imagine.
Millions of People are using and familiar with HTML, so what they did, not to confused the users was they rewrote HTML to XHTML( Extensible HyperText Markup Language). It's a combination of both worlds! It is a perfect foundation for CSS!
Yup, sounds weird for me. But I must admit that I often encounter these abbreviations and I don't give importance to it. But the more I ignore it, the more it pops up in front of me! So I better learn to face it. Slowly I understand these "foreign language" and I hope in due time I can post some new, exciting, unique template for your web pages!

Practical tips for HK nclex takers

(pics taken last 08/03/06 during my nclex trip to hk)
I got this from a website before I took my nclex exam in Hongkong. And this one is really very helpful. To someone who wrote this Ang GALING mo! Here are some tips that I can share to you when going to Hongkong: 1. Bago ka pumunta sa Centennial Terminal ng NAIA, dapat ay nasulatan muna yung Bureau of Immigration Embarkation Card, May dala ka na ring P550.00 para bayad mo sa Terminal Fee. I suggest magdala ka ng belt bag na paglalagyan mo ng passport, chewing gum at bonamine chewables (kung mahiluhin ka sa
biyahe). IRoam-on mo na ang celfone mo.
2. Magdala ka ng mineral water. Mahal kasi ang Mineral water doon mga HK$7.00 at kung may Sotanghon o cup noodles ka. Magdala ka na rin para makatipid. 3. Pagsakay mo ng eroplano, pray hard to God for a safe trip and easy NCLEX questions. Para ibless ka. 4. Bibigyan naman kayo ng stewardess ng instructions kung paano gagamitin ang safety features ng aircraft, like seatbelt, O2 mask etc kaya makinig. Sulatan mo na rin doon ang Hongkong Immigration Embarkation Card (carbonized ito). Tapos kainan na. 5. Paglapag ninyo ng Hongkong International Airport. Maglalakad ka sa loob ng mahaba.Mag flat escalator ka na para di ka mapagod. Baka hanapin mo kaagad ang bagahe mo. Dadaan ka pa ng immigration para matatakan ang passport mo. Paglabas mo doon mo pa siya makukuha, i forgot the no ng baggage carousel kung saan mo kukunin ang mga bagahe mo. Doon mo siya kukunin. Kung may inclusive na airport transfer ka through your travel agency, punta ka sa left wing B13-20. Nandoon ang mga transport services to assist you. 6. Dapat nakahanda na rin ang camera mo para sa mga souvenir pictures at scenic spots na dadaanan ng bus mo. Dapat may pocket money ka ha. Ako kasi HK$1500 (equivalent to P10,500.00) ang dala ko. Magpapalit ka na sa Metrobank ng HK$ sa Pinas kasi, mahaba ang pila ng palitan ng pera sa Hongkong airport para wala ka ng iintindihin. 7. Pagdating mo sa hotel. Hihingan ka ng deposit para sa incidental charges mo, (Depende sa hotel kung magkano- sa Central Park Hotel ang hinihingi sa amin ay HK$500 per room). Ibabalik naman ito sa inyo kapag check-out na kayo. 8. Magocular visit na ng Grand Millenium Plaza (testing site ng Pearson vue). Kung first time magtrain at hindi alam. Magtanong sa MTR Customer Service, humingi ng train station map, para makita ang mga connections ng red, blue at orange lines ng train. Bago pumunta sa ticket machine, icheck munang mabuti ang bababaan, Touchscreen naman ito at lalabas sa screen ang amount kung magkano. Pindutin ang Sheung Wan, tapos ipasok ang coins or paper money sa hulugan ng pera. Susuklian naman kayo ng machine. Bababa kayo sa Sheung Wan Station. Makikita ninyo yung street ng Queen's Road Central. Harap ng Grand Millenium Plaza sa kanan ang Cosco Tower (may Fitness First sa taas nito). Pero sa Grand Millenium kayo. Sumakay ng escalator para makarating sa 2nd floor loft (may UCC Coffee store dito kya puwede kayong magkape). Dumaan sa kanan, para magelevator. Floors 2-15 kasi ang sineserve ng elevator sa kanan, sa kaliwa ay 16-30 ang sineserve. Pagpasok ng elevator, pindutin ang 5/F. Pagdating sa 5/F Dumaan sa kanan, nandoon na ang Pearson Testing Center (Rm. 503). Huwag ng pasukin, kasi may security codes ang pinto. Hindi mo pa naman schedule magexam. Tiningnan mo lang ang place. 9. Tapos umuwi ng ng hotel. Magfamiliarize sa mga kainan na malapit sa hotel like Mc.Donald's, KFC, Seven eleven at mga noodle houses. Kung may makita kang Filipino Store. Makipagkaibigan, pero huwag isama sa hotel ang bagong kaibigan. Di mo pa kasi sila lubos na kakilala. May load station ng SMART1528 at Globe sila. Kaya pag naubusan na ng load. Puede magpaload at magtanong sa kanila. 10. During the day of the exam. Gumising ng maaga, magdasal kay Lord to guide you. Magbreakfast at Maligo. Maagang sumakay ng train para makarating kaagad sa testing site 30 minutes before the actual time of examination. Kumuha ng no. iaaproach ang receptionist ng Pearson View (Cute na chubby girl ito) bibigyan ka ng rules and regulations regarding NCLEX-RN Examination. Basahing mabuti ang mga nilalaman. Pagtapos na. Tatawagin na kayo ng receptionist. Ihanda na ang ATT at Passport (dapat pare-pareho ang pirma mo sa passport at ID, walang maling spelling sa ATT). Magfinger scan ng ring finger at magregister.Tapos kukuhanan ka ng picture. Tatanggalin mo ang jacket. Pumunta sa locker, yung no ay based sa number na kinuha mo. Ilagay lahat ang mga gamit, jacket at mga alahas at relo. Susi lang ang dala mo sa loob ng examination room.Bibigyan ka ni Chubby Girl ng Whiteboard sheet at marker. Gagamitin mo na ito pag nagstart na ang exam (dito mo isusulat ang mga normal values, pneumonics at formulas para sayong mga computations kung may lalabas). Tatawagin ka na ni Chinagirl (payat siya) at iaassist ka na sa loob ng cubicle para sa instructions.Pag-upo sa cubicle, pray again and have a deep breath and relax. Itaas ang kanang kamay, kapag may tanong o problema ang PC. Lalapit si China Girl (payat siya). Magtutorial muna sa PC pag hindi alam. Tapos magstart na ang exam. Hihinto ito depends on your competency ang correct answers. Paghuminto itaas ang kanang kamay. Lalapit si Chubby girl, sabihin mo na tapos ka na. Paglabas mo, kukuhanan ka niya ulit ng ring finger scan, Tapos labas ka na ng review center. Kung maykasama ka dapat may usapan na kayong maghintayan sa may UCC Coffee Shop. Tapos punta na kayo sa MTR sakay na kayo ng train, punta na kayo ng Mongkok, Wanchai, Causewaybay, Victoria Peak at Disneyland (Sa Sunnybay ang baba pag mag Disney kayo). Weekend kayo pumunta para mura-entrance is HK$295. Pag weekends kasi HK$395. Enjoy! Sana magamit nyo rin ito!

what's new with RETROGRESSION?

NY Times Sees Possible Compromise on CIR Debates RETROGRESSION UPDATE The April 22 editorial of the New York Times spoke of "Touchbacks" and "Triggers" which are viewed to be potential areas of compromise in a much heated and highly polarized debate on US immigration reform.... "Touchbacks" refers to the requirement that illegal immigrants leave the United States before re-entering on a legal footing within a six-year span.... "Triggers" on the other hand, refers to provisions that would only take effect after certain pre-determined conditions occur like reaching the quota of a specific visa category similar to what happened three weeks ago when the H1-B visa cap was reached within a day after the USCIS started receiving applications.... Also seen as a positive step to passing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) was a poll by USA Today/Gallup showing 78 percent of Americans favoring earned citizenship.... While the editorial admits that the prospect of passing a new immigration law is difficult and would require hard compromises, it conceded that "the outlines of a bipartisan deal are becoming clearer." This is good news to filipino nurses intending to migrate to the United States as the CIR includes provisions removing visa limits for foreign nurses until 2017.

22 April 2007

to go or not to go...

I'm here in manila now for almost a month. My original plan was just to have some fun while I can still catch the sun. it's SUMMER guys! During spare time, I do spend it surfing the Internet and checking for what's the latest update in visa immigration process. And no good news at all, the situation became worst! Still, nurses like me who did everything to pass all the required examinations just to be eligible to work in the USA, are still punished by the long waiting of unsure result whether if the USA will release immigration visa or not. Although most of us are hopeful (or convincing ourselves to be one), we can't afford just to sit and wait for the visa to appear in our front just like an apparition! Most of the Filipinos I guess, really wanted to work abroad to earn of course a lot of money! And that is why we nurses struggle and sacrifices so much for that dream. Now, most of us are rerouting. Finding suitable jobs for us in another countries is what we can say is the best solution for now. Yes, we are desperate to go, as you may say! New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, KSA! Name it! The opportunity that the USA gave us made our saliva drooling ! And Its temporary closing made us crave for more! Growl!

While I am still here in the capital of opportunity, I might at least try my luck here to find a new job and perhaps a career that I can venture on locally and/or abroad. I tried doing an online application, submitted some personally, but its still early to say if I did succeed.

Honestly, I am in my career crisis but it does no affect me much for I am optimistic. Money will come and go. Windows or doors of opportunity may open and close. But having an education would really wont let me down for so long. Sounds a very old saying but its true.

20 April 2007

"Angel in the Philippines"

"At the age of 38, I decided to step out of the rat race of New York, join the Peace Corps and board a plane for Manila. This blog is dedicated to my adventures in the Philippines for the next two years. Wish me luck..." Julia Campbell (picture taken from her blog)

I love blogging as well as I love reading and visiting other blogs in blog spot. Whenever I am online I do find time to at least visit a couple. For the past week that I have started to create posts, I found myself more engaged on discovering different interests of different people. Some blogs are about hobbies, sports, music, food, others do business by posting their items on it, most of them write blogs about themselves on what's going on with their daily lives, some about their struggle in fighting or surviving a disease, some writes about their journey...

When news about the death a peace corps volunteer Julia Campbell spreads all over the television stations, they featured some of Julia's posts about her experienced here in the Philippines, I was so anxious to search for her blog site. As I watched the news, they put Julia's pictures on the screen with a background of her blog. I put my full attention at the back of her pictures and searched for words that might be her blog address...and yes! I did find something! I immediately run to my computer and typed at my browser what I have found out: http://juliainthephilippines.blogspot.com/. And it opened...I read, read and read. I was mesmerized...I felt that I was with her journey.

"One of the most familiar phrases people say here when you ask them how they are is "Eto" (here) or "Buhay pa" (still alive). Never has it had more meaning than in recent weeks ..."(from her blog entitled "Buhay pa Tayo") seems a premonition? Julia as a journalist and at 38 years old left her life in the USA and joined the peace corps to be with the Filipinos and hope this would change her life. She wrote her journey in the Philippines, in which most of it was what she did for the community and how the community accepted and loved her. "It seems that I am now a celebrity. I have arrived and Donsol has rolled out its red carpet. Everywhere I go I am greeted by name, by people I've never seen before. Word has spread quickly that I am the new American in town, the new teacher sa Donsol High School. And they call me "Julia Roberts..." (from her post entitled "Move Over Julia Roberts!) Julia was here for a very good reasons... to reach out to us, to give meaning to her life and to her death now.

I guess wherever Julia is now, I know that she found what she has been looking for. I know that the last 2 years of her life was really intended for us Filipinos to see and feel a real angel. To let us know that God did not abandoned the less fortunate ones by sending someone like Julia. I feel so lucky for those persons that came in contact with her. I envy her students and Filipino friends who has given the great chance to be close to her.

As a nurse, I am so lucky that being with the community is part of my job. I treasure now more my profession...

She was an inspiration to me and I hope to all of us...

"I'm signing off for now and hope to update you all a little more frequently.
Ingat". " Buhay Pa Tayo" posted by Julia.
Visit her blog and leave message for her if you like...

18 April 2007

working away from home

"Assalamu Alaikum!" was the first and only two arabic words I have ever known, and I thought the meaning of that was "welcome" well, I was so wrong...

1998 was in the period when the USA closes its door for nurses, it was a long frustrating time of waiting and hoping. The opportunity in the USA limited the nurses' world, that is why even the hotels, banks, airlines, and fast food chains was also been envaded by nurses just to earned a living...looking for a job elsewhere was so tough and competitive.

I was 23 years old when I took the risk of working abroad and in an arabic speaking country with a strong faith in their religion. Bringing with me was the only two arabic words I have ever known. I took the opportunity, disregarding the negative sides of the decision I made, I never asked any questions nor entertained any doubts in my head. What was important for me at that time was the job offered and the experienced of riding a camel! hmmm...

During my PDOS (pre-departure orientation seminar), which was a day before my flight, I just learned some "scary" things about Saudi Arabia. The more the speaker talks, the more I wanted to back out. " No alcohols allowed even the rubbing alcohol, no loud talking and laughing, no sitting beside a male co worker or friend, not allowed to go out of the hospital and accomodation compound beyond scheduled period, no picture taking anywhere without permission, no... "Oh, no!" I guess everything that I usually do is against their culture and belief... I started to think that I am losing my freedom... I wanted to protest but I had no time to make my banners.

When I was inside the Saudi Arabia Airlines, I started to cry, "Oh God! My two long years is just starting and I feel that I can't do it anymore!" It was a 9 long hours trip...I was aslept the whole time to avoid asking the pilot to please immediately drop me off! And most importantly, there was no cute guy beyond my eyesight at that very big plane with pretty stewardess in it! "So boring!" Kidding aside, I was so scared and regretful..It was an agonizing moment, confused of what was instore for me in that so called dessert for the next two years.

The moment came when we started to approched the landing area, I saw the buildings below me. It was so different! It seems it looks like hundreds of big boxes piled nicely on the sand with so many hairy ants walking around! I knew that I am a thousand miles, miles, miles ( the truth is I really don't know how many thousands of miles exactly!) away from home...and I am alone!

As I got hold of my baggage, we were place in the confined carpeted, airconditioned room as the immigration personnel checked our visas. We waited for several hours and everyone was stressed out including me. Then suddenly, a man came into the witholding area and spoken to us in an arab accent that we are going to ride a bus for another 4 -6 hours before reaching our main destination. Now here, implementation of rules begun... Boys were seated at the back then bags were place on the seats in font of them then the girls occupied the rest of the seats in front. The bus was just so ordinary unexpectedly, metroshuttle buses(local bus in Davao travelling within Davao region) are more comfortable as compared to their bus.

I recall how I felt the cool air swept my face as I walked through the bus. It was like 9pm in their clock (we're 6 hours advance )with a temperature of 16 degree celcius at that time. I never expected that Saudi Arabia has that kind of weather too, I thought because it is a dessert so it is always hot! well, I was wrong again, so I didn't prepare a jacket to warmed me up. I am expecting a human blanket but to no avail... hmmp.

As we travel, I started to observed the city. Watched some views in which most of them were tents and camels on the dessert, and so many old gas stations which I thought has been abandoned and haunted, same as those in most hollywood movies I've watched. After like an hour of travelling, the bus stopped for few minutes. The arab man (the one who entered at the witholding area at the airport before)together with his assistant brought some smelly food to us. It was our first taste of arabic cuisine: chicken kabsa! It smells so gross and I can't afford to eat that yellow colored rice topped with a big part of a chicken with millions of fresh onion and a green leaves that looks like a grass on it that I guess only horses can dare to eat. The single serving was so big I don't know how to finished it! "Are they trying to kill us?" I only said it to myself because if I will say it out loud maybe that arab man and his assistant will kill me! hmmp.

After six hours of travelling and sitting with those hard, uncomfortable and short backrest seats, we finally arrived at our destination... King Fahad Hospital In Buraydah. It was a long journey to somewhere unknown to most of us. We were welcomed with some Filipina nurses whose been working there for more than a couple of years already. For the first time after I left home, I felt a little secure and safe with their presence and warmed welcome.

Our new home was given to us, two rooms in each flat with complete beddings. Everyone was excited to see and feel the comfort of the bed except for me, I wasn't that happy, I felt anxious that everything that was happening was not right! After a while, everyone was aslept including me, I stopped my worries for I cannot control the call of my body to rest. The whole floor of the hostel was so silent. It was so cold... my body was adjusting to the coldness of the sorrounding. Everyone needed energy, I needed more for I will face tomorrow's biggest challenge... (to be continued.... Gikapoy nako ug type.)

12 April 2007

JOKE TIME: A Miracle of Modern Medicine

One day Bill complained to his friend that his elbow really hurt. His friend suggested that he go to a computer at the drug store that can diagnose anything quicker and cheaper than a doctor. ''Simply put in a sample of your urine and the computer will diagnose your problem and tell you what you can do about it. It only costs $10." Bill figured he had nothing to lose, so he filled a jar with a urine sample and went to the drug store. Finding the computer, he poured in the sample and deposited the $10. The computer started making some noise and various lights started flashing. After a brief pause out popped a small slip of paper on which was printed: "You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water. Avoid heavy lifting. It will be better in two weeks." Later that evening while thinking how amazing this new technology was and how it would change medical science forever, he began to wonder if this machine could be fooled. He mixed together some tap water, a stool sample from his dog and urine samples from his wife and daughter. To top it off, he masturbated into the concoction. He went back to the drug store, located the machine, poured in the sample and deposited the $10. The computer again made the usual noise and printed out the following message: "Your tap water is too hard. Get a water softener. Your dog has worms. Get him vitamins. Your daughter is using cocaine. Put her in a rehabilitation clinic. Your wife is pregnant with twin girls. They aren't yours. Get a lawyer. And if you don't stop jerking off, your tennis elbow will never get better." Taken From: www.extremefunnypictures.com

Tips on answering nclex-rn questions

Decide What the Question is Dealing With:

Which part of the Nursing Process: Assessment; Analysis; Planning; Implementation or Evaluation?

Next, Decide the Order of Priority First you must decide what part of the nursing process the question is connected with:

ANALYSIS--is the process of identifying potential and actual health problems. Most identify pertinent assessment information and assimilate it into the nursing diagnosis. Prioritize the needs that have been identified during analysis. Some common words that are associated with ANALYSIS questions: diagnose; contrast; compare; analyze; order; prioritize; define; classify; catagorize; synthesize; sort; arrange;

ASSESSMENT--consists of a collection of data. Baseline information for pre and post procedures is included. Also included the recognition of pertinent signs and symptoms of health problems both present and potential. Verification of data and confirmation of findings are also included. Assess a situation before doing an intervention. Some common words that are associated with ASSESSMENT questions: observe; gather; collect; differentiate; assess; recognize; detect; distinguish; identify; display; indicate; describe; PLANNING--Involves formulating goals and outcomes. It also involves various members of the health care team and the patient's family. All outcome criteria must be able to be evaluated with a specific time frame. Be sure to establish priorities and modify according to question. Some common words that are associated with.

PLANNING questions: rearrange; reconstruct; determine; outcomes; formulate; include; expected; designate; plan; generate; short/long term goal; develop;

IMPLEMENTATION--Addresses the actual/direct care of a patient. Direct care entails pre, intra and postoperative management, preforming procedures, treatments, activities of daily living. Also includes the coordination of care and referral on discharge. It involves documentation and therapeutic response to intervention and patient teaching for health promotion and helping the patient maintain proper health. Some common words that are associated with IMPLEMENTATION questions: document; explain; give; inform; administer; implement; encourage; advise; provide; perform;

EVALUATION--Determines if the interventions were effective. Were goals met? Was the care delivered properly? Are modification plans needed. Addresses the effectiveness of patient teaching and understands and determines in proper care was offered. Evaluation can involve documentation, reporting issues, evaluates care given and determine the appropriateness of delegating to others. Most significantly, it finds out the response of the patient to care and the extent to which the goals we met. Some common words that are associated with EVALUATION questions: monitor; expand; evaluate; synthesize; determine; consider; question; repeat; outcomes; demonstrate; reestablish; After determining what part of the nursing process the question is concerned with, next focus your attention on determining the category of priority: Safe and effective care environment is always first. Patient safety is related to the proper preparation and delivery of nursing techniques and procedures as part of the nursing practice. It relates to every aspect of the delivery of care. Physiologic integrity is the ability to provide competent care Information that may be described as traditionally medical- surgical and pediatric nursing falls into this category. Specific questions in this area can be related to many direct-care aspects of nursing practice. The importance of this area is highlighted because it is one in which planning, implementation and evaluation of care needs can easily be identified and tested. Physiologic integrity is always a slight lower priority than safety unless it involves airway, breathing and circulation. "ABC's" always comes first! Psychosocial integrity tests the knowledge about a patients response to a disease or disorder. An understanding of stress, anxiety and ways to cope are essential. This is a lower priority the physiological integrity. Health maintenance deals with health promotion, health teaching, disease prevention and assessment of risk factors for health problems. Normal growth and development is a major theme in this category. This however, is a low priority.

In Summary, when choosing the right answer for you NCLEX exam question: 1) ask yourself, "what part of the nursing process is this question dealing with: analysis, assessment, planning, implantation or evaluation? and 2) Remember to prioritize your choices: safety always being first, second physiological integrity, third,psychosocial integrity and health maintenance always has the lowest priority when choosing an answer.

Other tidbits: avoid choices with the answers "all" "always" "never" or "none". Nothing is ever a definite in Science. look for answers that are different. If three answers say the same thing but in different words, choose the answer that is different. when given choices that are pharmacologically based or non pharmacologically based, choose the non pharmacological intervention. It is more often then not, the correct answer.

I got this from a yahoo group... hope this will help anyone who would like to take the NCLEX-RN.

losing weight

I struggle for so many years just to lose weight though I am not overweight or obese. I gain some then after a couple of months lose some... I became frustrated. I cannot maintain the weight and the body figure that I desire. I cannot see myself in a two-piece bikini without worrying the fats around my waist rolling as I run and jump. I cannot look my face at the mirror not thinking how it became blotted.

I do worry a lot and I want to worry not.. Although I know as nurse that I have an appropriate weight for my height but I still can't help myself to think of losing weight. I tried a lot of things just to achieve the figure I want, well except for cosmetic surgery because I can't afford that, but to no avail.

Now, I am 30 and still struggling. But there are a lot of things that I realized as I strongly pursue my desire to be curvaceous. I learned that it is the determination that can make it happen. Whatever diet programs or exercises I am in, it will be useless if without determination and I am lack of that. I do think much of my physical aspect which sometimes I forgot that I needed to prioritized my health more than anything else.

Now for me, the best diet in the world is a balanced diet. It should be with the six essential nutrients which are the carbohydrates, fats, protein, water, minerals and vitamins that our body needs for energy. People tend to gain weight because they eat more than the dietary prescription. Maintaining the balanced diet that is right for the weight plus exercise would mean a desirable weight.

Although now I still think of my disproportioned, shall I say it, figure but I have already begun to think how lucky I am that I am healthy and that alone makes me happy.
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