12 April 2007

losing weight

I struggle for so many years just to lose weight though I am not overweight or obese. I gain some then after a couple of months lose some... I became frustrated. I cannot maintain the weight and the body figure that I desire. I cannot see myself in a two-piece bikini without worrying the fats around my waist rolling as I run and jump. I cannot look my face at the mirror not thinking how it became blotted.

I do worry a lot and I want to worry not.. Although I know as nurse that I have an appropriate weight for my height but I still can't help myself to think of losing weight. I tried a lot of things just to achieve the figure I want, well except for cosmetic surgery because I can't afford that, but to no avail.

Now, I am 30 and still struggling. But there are a lot of things that I realized as I strongly pursue my desire to be curvaceous. I learned that it is the determination that can make it happen. Whatever diet programs or exercises I am in, it will be useless if without determination and I am lack of that. I do think much of my physical aspect which sometimes I forgot that I needed to prioritized my health more than anything else.

Now for me, the best diet in the world is a balanced diet. It should be with the six essential nutrients which are the carbohydrates, fats, protein, water, minerals and vitamins that our body needs for energy. People tend to gain weight because they eat more than the dietary prescription. Maintaining the balanced diet that is right for the weight plus exercise would mean a desirable weight.

Although now I still think of my disproportioned, shall I say it, figure but I have already begun to think how lucky I am that I am healthy and that alone makes me happy.


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