26 April 2007

"One Airway, One Disease"

Information campaign made in Europe that rhinitis is intimately linked with asthma is done by Global Allergy and Asthma European Network to all Health care professionals and patients. They found out that prevalence of allergic rhinitis is increasing to up to 20% in school children and 30% in teenagers. Patients should never ignore this and should give importance to adequately diagnose and treat allergic rhinitis to improve quality of life and decrease the risk of developing asthma or asthma exacerbation.
"One airway, one disease" is the concept. Rhinitis and asthma were treated differently, but it was proven that there is a significant improvement if they treat nose and bronchi disease together. Although the link between this two is causal but physicians recognizes rhinitis in asthmatic patient and asthma in patient with rhinitis .
How does it links?
It's the "united airways prospectives" Rhinitis affects the nose, asthma affects the lungs. Rhinitis is a risk factor of asthma and worsening of the allergic rhinitis symptoms can be associated with asthma exacerbation. Several view points are taken to study physiopathological links. From early life events to the translation of allergic sensitisation into allergic diseases and finally the physiological developments as allergic diseases become persistent or aggravated.
So, do not ignore your rhinitis by just taking any antihistamines, diphenhydramine , or hydrocortisone for temporary relief. Go to your doctor for proper care management.


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