24 April 2007

what's new with RETROGRESSION?

NY Times Sees Possible Compromise on CIR Debates RETROGRESSION UPDATE The April 22 editorial of the New York Times spoke of "Touchbacks" and "Triggers" which are viewed to be potential areas of compromise in a much heated and highly polarized debate on US immigration reform.... "Touchbacks" refers to the requirement that illegal immigrants leave the United States before re-entering on a legal footing within a six-year span.... "Triggers" on the other hand, refers to provisions that would only take effect after certain pre-determined conditions occur like reaching the quota of a specific visa category similar to what happened three weeks ago when the H1-B visa cap was reached within a day after the USCIS started receiving applications.... Also seen as a positive step to passing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) was a poll by USA Today/Gallup showing 78 percent of Americans favoring earned citizenship.... While the editorial admits that the prospect of passing a new immigration law is difficult and would require hard compromises, it conceded that "the outlines of a bipartisan deal are becoming clearer." This is good news to filipino nurses intending to migrate to the United States as the CIR includes provisions removing visa limits for foreign nurses until 2017.


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