24 April 2007

teaching myself (X)HTML

I know what is COPD,CRF, MI and most of medical abbreviations but how about HTML, XHTML, CSS? I had been using a computer for more than a decade now, but as I am familiar with its basic uses, I want to learn more and more and discover the very useful and unique part of it. What makes me read this book is my creative side. I want to have a unique page, I want to create some templates in the future for blogger. For so many years, I focused myself a lot with my career as a nurse. I tried Operating room, Delivery room, Paediatrics, I became a school nurse and presently as a Clinical Instructor. Now, I want something new to learn. Something outside my world. Well, its the Computer Age now! Technology is getting better and better! So I must keep up with that. Learning only the basic use of computer would not be enough in the near future so better get started now. All web pages are written with some form of HTML which lets you format text, add sound, graphics, videos etc., which is written on some form (code) that only the computer can read. HTML means HyperText Markup Language. Its free, it is available to all, but you have to learn and understand it. Not all of the users experience it in the same way. What I mean is that the speed of your connection, type of the computer, monitor, browser, etc. will make a different outcomes although in general computers can read HTML.
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets originally is used to recreate the HTML effects. But CSS is more useful now as the newer version came out, you can position elements on your web page with precision and style. As I understand HTML is like your template, and how you drag one element to another in your template to satisfy your eyes when you click the preview, is CSS. Lucky for us new users that the template and element arrangements are already preset and easy to use. But it is only limited. That is why you need to know some background in making web pages by using basic HTML. Due to unsatisfaction on what HTML can do, they created a new version of HTML which is the Extensible Markup Language or XML. It is a language for creating other languages. It uses a lot of punctuations which is more complicated to use than HTML. As I understood, it can makes you open another task for another purpose as easy as you can't imagine.
Millions of People are using and familiar with HTML, so what they did, not to confused the users was they rewrote HTML to XHTML( Extensible HyperText Markup Language). It's a combination of both worlds! It is a perfect foundation for CSS!
Yup, sounds weird for me. But I must admit that I often encounter these abbreviations and I don't give importance to it. But the more I ignore it, the more it pops up in front of me! So I better learn to face it. Slowly I understand these "foreign language" and I hope in due time I can post some new, exciting, unique template for your web pages!


reyian said...

wow... techie na si my labs... hehehe.... good work and keep on learning html...

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