22 April 2007

to go or not to go...

I'm here in manila now for almost a month. My original plan was just to have some fun while I can still catch the sun. it's SUMMER guys! During spare time, I do spend it surfing the Internet and checking for what's the latest update in visa immigration process. And no good news at all, the situation became worst! Still, nurses like me who did everything to pass all the required examinations just to be eligible to work in the USA, are still punished by the long waiting of unsure result whether if the USA will release immigration visa or not. Although most of us are hopeful (or convincing ourselves to be one), we can't afford just to sit and wait for the visa to appear in our front just like an apparition! Most of the Filipinos I guess, really wanted to work abroad to earn of course a lot of money! And that is why we nurses struggle and sacrifices so much for that dream. Now, most of us are rerouting. Finding suitable jobs for us in another countries is what we can say is the best solution for now. Yes, we are desperate to go, as you may say! New Zealand, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, KSA! Name it! The opportunity that the USA gave us made our saliva drooling ! And Its temporary closing made us crave for more! Growl!

While I am still here in the capital of opportunity, I might at least try my luck here to find a new job and perhaps a career that I can venture on locally and/or abroad. I tried doing an online application, submitted some personally, but its still early to say if I did succeed.

Honestly, I am in my career crisis but it does no affect me much for I am optimistic. Money will come and go. Windows or doors of opportunity may open and close. But having an education would really wont let me down for so long. Sounds a very old saying but its true.


team_gwapa said...

Hi! Im mae here in NAWRAS DVO. I work in an agency also for abroad, But only FOR KSA..
If u like try to apply in here..Main Office: NAWRAS MANPOWER SERVICES, INC.
TEL NO. 303-5001 TO 07. There's no harm in trying. we got ready visa only for KSA. This is true.. just try it.. if any info u like email me team_gwapa@yahoo.com

If anyone can read this comment dont send me spams .. ok.. just a concern citizen who wants to help u guys.. i do also have a plan to go abroad but maybe its not the perfect time for me.. computer science grad.. its hard to find career opportunities for me.

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