19 March 2008

An Alternative to Prescription Glasses

Save to Google Bookmarks! Not all who wears eyeglasses thought it was the best solution for eye problems like myopia, hyperopia and decreased vision due to eye straining or aging. There are some studies that prescription glasses could exacerbate vision problem itself. These concave glasses, in time could cause eye muscle spasm and could elevate pressure in the vitreous chamber of our eyes. This is how headache explains when using prescription glasses in long periods. For so many years that people only knew few answers to eye problem and the most convenient is the concave glasses.

Our eyes even we are born with a 20/20 vision will come a time, decreases its capacity due to various factors. Reading in a poor lighted environment; continues use of computer, television and portable game gadget are but few of the contributing factors in developing poor vision.

It is better to correct our eye problems with something that does not go beyond the natural mechanism or physiology of our eye. The more natural, the better correction and less damage it will cause.

There is a revolutionary and enhanced alternative to concave glasses like the Pinhole Glasses. These glasses became known today because consumers had finally understood its mechanism. Pinhole glasses do not use lenses to hasten vision. It uses direct light provision to the pupil so that our brain can interpret the image better. Now, there are light emissions that are from an extreme angle, which requires a large amount of refraction by our lens to form the correct image. That means that the focus the light to the pupil, the better the image. The pinhole glasses actually prevent these rays from entering our eyes to see clear image.

Pinhole glasses on the other hand, don’t work with the peripheral vision. It is only very effective if you are using your central vision as we are when we are working with a computer, watching television or movie in a theatre and reading. If ever you require using peripheral vision like driving, pinhole glasses should not be used.


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Pinhole doesn't offer permanent improvement?


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