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23 March 2008

The Best Diet is a Balanced Diet

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Maintaining a balance diet is one of the difficult hurdles a type 2 diabetes mellitus patient endures everyday. It is the major intervention or management to prevent from having hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic attacks. Variety of food supplements are coming in the market that promises therapeutic effects or aids to a certain illnesses or diseases. Thousands of those kinds have the same content but different names and marketing strategies to attract consumers.

Supplemental nutrients are needed by those suffering with non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus because not all the nutrients they need are can be found in most of our daily diet. They require something that can help them metabolize blood sugar more efficiently than others. Controlling the diet in patients with diabetes could help also in preventing the development of some complications like neuropathy, which could eventually lead to more problems and restrictions of usual lifestyle.

A balance diet that covers the food pyramid is the right diet not only for those having diabetes mellitus but for all of us. But for some reasons, it is not easy to follow the food requirements to complete the body's needed nutrients.

The reason why rampant use of food supplements is popular around the world it is because some of the food we need to obtain a well balanced diet because of the busy lifestyle we have. Problems like high blood pressure is also been a concern by many because of nothing else, but wrong diet.

So try to look again at your food pyramid and fill what is missing in your diet.


Anonymous said...

hi! yes its true, we should have a balance diet. it means having enough calorie count basing in our weight.

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