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25 March 2008

He is into Web Hosting

I had a chat with a friend of mine yesterday and it’s been so long since the last time I heard from him. We were classmates in college but never practice his profession as a nurse. I was really glad to see him after like four years or so. I was telling him that I have a nursing blog and that I hope he could visit it. But I was amazed when he told me he is into web hosting. I remember that he was really interested with computer and all that stuff even way back college and I was glad he finally find his way to get what his heart desires.

So, I had the opportunity to ask him about web hosting and never thought that I even sounded like an idiot with my questions! (lol) But I am really glad to see him again and became the man he wanted to be. I recall that young and nice boy whom we always bugged before to do all the encoding with our case presentation final report. And here he is in front of me, same person yet definitely, a successful one.


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