10 March 2008

Combat Addiction Discreetly

I am working as a medical reviewer. My job is to review patient’s file with various cases from different facilities in the USA. During the time I was with this kind of job, I often encounter patients who were suffering from pain medication addiction. Vicodin and Darvocet are just few commonly prescribed pain killers for severe or chronic pain that could lead to addiction.

The only solution we always think of addiction is rehabilitation. It is very sad to think that our love ones will have to stop living their lives and be away from us for an addiction treatment.

But now, there is no need to go somewhere and turn away from the world if someone you know are having trouble with Opiate addiction. Our love ones can battle addiction without leaving us behind by having suboxone treatment.

Suboxone detox is using a revolutionary new drug called buprenophrine. This drug is acting similar with opiates that block pain and create euphoria but buprenophrine activates only few pathways of the brain that could lead to almost same effect of opiates. Apparently, buprenorphine can fool the brain into thinking that opiates are present, without actually creating any kind of dependency. When opiates detoxification takes place, eventually you can decrease the dose of buprenophrine for six-week period until you are completely drug-free at the end. This gradual transition lets your body and brain both fully adjust to the absence of any opiate.

So no need to seclude yourself from the community. Combat addiction discretely.


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