30 March 2008

Thermal Angel Blood Warmer

In the operating room, the most useful equipment is the warmer. For the most part, we warm saline, intravenous fluids and blood for our patients in the operating room table. Hypothermia is one complication we have to avoid during the surgery. Patients under anaesthesia developed low temperature and we do not want to aggravate it by inducing cold fluids.

Fluid warmer like Thermal Angel is what a facility should have. It warms blood and IV fluids in just few seconds compare to older technology. This blood warmer is very efficient during emergency situation were we need to warm an IV fluid rapidly. You can research on the Internet to know more about Thermal Angel Blood Warmer Detail and how effective this equipment is.

Save to Google Bookmarks!The military, medic groups, rescue teams, emergency rooms are just but many Areas of use for Thermal Angel. This portable, battery powered, ready to use tool is what we need to save patients lives and to prevent avoidable complications.


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