15 March 2008

Top 10 Poisoning Cases in 2007

I was reading a Health and Lifestyle Magazine and I had encounter this article that I guess would help people know what are those commonly found substance in our household that could lead to accidental or non-accidental poisoning.

According to the National Poison Management and Control Center (NPMCC)in Philippines, the overall top 10 poisoning cases in 2007 are:

1) Kerosene: accidental poisoning among children because of improper storage.

2) Sodium hydrochloride: used for bleaching; non-accidental poisoning.

3) Silver jewelry cleaners: a white powder to be dissolved in water containing cyanide; a lethal poison 90 percent of the time; accidental poisoning in children due to improper storage.

4) Paracetamol: mostly non-accidental poisoning.

5) Ethanol: non-accidental poisoning or substance abuse.

6) Mixed pesticides: household pesticides.

7) Ferrous sulphate: iron tablet supplements; non-accidental poisoning.

8) Elemental mercury: mercury from broken termometer.

9) Organophosphate: pesticide; agricultural setting.

10) Isoniazid (INH): anti- TB medication.


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