02 March 2008

From Tank Top to Bridal Gown!

Since I was in grade school I really like customizing my old shirts and jeans. I felt pleasure whenever I had created something called an “artwork” even most of the time I just hanged my creations on the walls of my room.

I remember too, during my college years we used to create T-shirt design for our foundation day and it was one of the fun memories I always remember. Until now, I kept some of my favourite customized shirt that we did. But lately, not only personalized shirts are being adored by many. There are also customized bags, flip flops, shoes and even undies or bikinis! And it is really great to express feelings and personality to this kind of trend.

If I was just using paints and buttons to put a spark on my jeans before, today there are a lot of materials that can be utilized to make a fashion statement! Well, of course if you are really looking for more cool designs like having some crystals on it, then there are experts on that. Try Custom Crystal Attire at AdvantageBridal.com. I have seen lots of exclusive designs on their website for any occasion or mood. From glittered tank tops to bridal gown creation, anything you can think that can be jazz-up is there. Whether for a gift to your love ones or just for personal use, you are assured that your satisfaction is what they are up to.


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