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04 June 2008

I'm Home! I'm Home! I'm in Davao!

Finally, after long planning I was able to have the vacation I really wanted! I am in my hometown Davao!
I took the earliest flight at 4:15 am and I arrived exactly as expected. The flight from Manila to Davao is an hour and forty five minutes.
I miss the local coffee shops I used to hanged out with my friends. One of them is Kasagingan (the meaning of the word is a land filled with banana trees). You cannot see any single banana tree here but the concept is all about banana including their coffee flavors and menu. I ordered toron (sliced banana wrapped in a lumpia wrapper) and a cup of cappuccino. They called the toron as Banana Fantastic. They added belgian choco or caramel syrup on top of it.
The tables and chairs outside are under a roof made to shape like a banana tree and it is very beautiful during the night because of the different lights they put around it. (Sorry it's 11:00 am right now so I cannot show you some pics...)
Moreover, the coffee is excellent and the price is very cheap. And yes! Kasagingan is a wifi hot spot and its for free!
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Mo said...

Glad you got time off. Take care.

Giovanni Sicignano said...

hi, I'm an Italian male Nurse, beautiful your blog.

Pinay WAHM said...


Hope all's well. Medyo matagal ka na di nag blog. I'm sure you're enjoying your time with your family and friends back home.

Enjoy the weekend.


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