23 August 2008

Paget's Disease of the Breast

Save to Google Bookmarks!Paget’s disease of the breast is another form of breast cancer but considered as rare. 1 or 2 out of 100 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have Paget’s disease. It started from the breast ducts going to the skin of the breast to the areola. It’s like having eczema in the nipple or in the areola. There is also a Paget’s disease that affects the bones and it is very different from that affects the breast. I have also written a separate article explaining the Paget’s disease of the bone.

The cause of this disease as with other type of breast cancer is unknown. High risks individuals includes women who never had children, or had them in the late productive years, women who started their periods at a young age or who had a late menopause, and women who have a strong family history of breast cancer...[cont.]

Signs and symptoms are eczema-like formation in the areola, redness and swelling that could lead to crusting, bleeding and ulceration. Burning sensation and itching are also symptoms. Lumps may or may not be present.

If you are thinking that you might have one or more of these symptoms, do not waste any minute and submit yourself for check up. Breast cancer has no cure but can be treated if detected in an early stage.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this paget's disease that affects the breast and i am sure that more information about this would really help in detecting the disease as early as possible. Nice one.

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