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26 August 2008

Are You Feeling Blue?

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Approximately 10 percent of over 18 years old Americans suffer from depression every year. And unfortunately, 15 percent of which commit suicide. Trauma that starts from childhood is one key factor in developing major depression in the later part of their life. Tracing your psychodynamics (study of a person’s conscious and unconscious response to different events in the person’s life that affects behaviour and psyche) is one way of determining the fact that triggers the occurrence of depression.

There are many things you can do to combat possible occurrence of depression episodes. Development of self-determination and acceptance to overcome this illness are the keys. Everyday is a struggle to be normal and to do usual customary work when you have episode of depression. So do not waste a single day to seek help when you realized that you have a problem with depression...[cont.] Reach out. Do not battle this alone because no one ever survived depression unaided. Talk to someone you can trust like your family and trusted friends. They can better tell you what to do when you feel hopeless or helpless. Moreover, ask for a professional help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist to retrain you with coping mechanism and teach you behavioural skills to overcome daily hurdles that can lead to depression.

Avoid too much stress. Do not overwork yourself. Take time to have a 15 to 30 minutes break each time you feel stress out. Learn to organize things to minimize anxiety. Exercise stimulates release of serotonin needed to keep you active and alert. Exercise is as effective as an antidepressant and takes away the feeling of low mood. Make it a daily habit or at least three times a week.

Redirect yourself to positive outlet. Listen to music, do dancing, start a journal or meditate. Also, keep your daily activities going even if you do not feel of doing it. Think of happy thoughts always to redirect your attention. Concentrate on what you do best to avoid feeling of unworthiness. Do everything you can think to divert your attention from sad feelings.

Eat nutritious food. Do not neglect your meals. Our body needs the proper nutrition to function fully. Make sure that you have a balance diet to give you energy. Low calories mean low energy that can make you feel weak and less vital. Bring finger foods all the time and try to eat even when you do not have the appetite.

Take your medication religiously. When your doctor told you to take once a day or twice a day, do it as instructed to avoid relapses. Set your clock to remind you that it is time to take your pills. Antidepressant is very helpful in treating depression. It works to more or less 40 percent of the depressed individuals.

Coping with depression take so much effort. It is hard to fight back when your enemy is yourself. But if you are willing to help yourself to be back again at your game, then it is worth trying.

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