01 September 2008

Davao City's very own 'Rescue 911'

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There are many things that I can be proud of as dabawenya (citizen of Davao). Davao is one of the top ten competitive cities in terms of business investments in the whole Philippines. Not to mention being the cleanest city in the whole world!. Also, fireworks or pyrotechnics, and smoking, is strictly prohibited in the city. The government is very firm in implementing this ordinance and violators must pay fines, do community service, they may serve jail time, or a combination of the three. But most of all, I am so proud of our very own 911. Davao city is the first in Asia and third in the world next to USA and Canada to have 911. We call it Central 911 or simply 911 which we can dial through the landline phones or in the cellphones. They can response to all types of emergency needs for FREE. Yes, you heard it right. The only 911 emergency response in the world that is for free courtesy of the local government of Davao...[cont.]
I experienced using 911 way back when I was in Davao when a motor vehicle accident happened in front of the coffee shop where I was. They responded so quick and reach the scene in just few minutes.

These are the free services Central 911 are providing:

> Urban Search and Rescue Services - USAR

> Fire Auxiliary Services - FAS

> Emergency Medical Services - EMS

> K9 Unit

> Police

The dabawenyos feel safer than before because of central 911.

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felicity said...

I am also from davao. Very proud of central 911.

e-souled said...

this is my 6 month here in Davao. and im so blessed to experience davao and its people. there's no place like Davao!i love the foods, the place,everything!

Richelle said...

I agree to that! Food is so great and fresh in Davao. I miz the tuna and the kinilaw! And also my frenz there!

e-souled said...

i love tuna belly! the food wow very affordable! specially from Marina!

Anonymous said...

i would love to visit your 911 center. please send me information to sniles45@hotmail.com with an address and telephone number for your office of emergency services. or whatever it is called. the people who run the overall 911 centers

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