16 May 2007

finding my way back where my heart belongs...

its been quite a while since the last time I've posted here. After coming back home from Manila, I was busy doing some papers for possible job abroad (except for applying job in USA)while waiting for the retrogression to be lifted. As I said on my previous post, I am in my career crisis. I will be back in Manila soon to try my luck abroad. I wanted to go back and work at the hospital again. I miss the thrill and the feeling of really doing the procedures by myself. I hope this time everything will turn out right for me. I love being a clinical instructor but I find sense of fulfillment in serving the patients and giving the care that they need. I miss the pressures and the excitement inside the hospital and the frequent interactions with the patients. It's where my heart belongs... I really don't know what's next if I will not pass the exam and interview but I'll just cross my fingers... Wish me luck!


Rey Ian Corpuz said...

bebe... i love you. hehehe

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