03 May 2007

nurse with a Heart

Teaching really is a commitment, especially if you are handling nursing students from the so called "second courser group" hehehe... At first I was so hesitant on how to approach them whom most of them are a lot older than me and shall I say has high paying jobs in a reputable companies with a stable and respectable position. Well, I am paid for this kind of job as well so I must handle the challenge.
Yeah, it's tough because I need to be very careful not to offend them too much and at the same time make sure of the patients safety. I do believe that "patient comes first" that is why sometimes (most of the time, I guess... hehehe) I cannot control my temper anymore. I really wanted them to realize that nursing as a profession is not an easy gateway to new and broader opportunity for them; it is not just by having the title as an RN is the only important element in reaching their dreams in going abroad. I wanted them to love the profession, to open their hearts to their patients, to see what is beyond the title and the opportunity it might bring to them, I want them to value the vocation that all of the nurses in the world has pledged for. I wanted them to be a "nurse with a HEART"... I am not a good clinical instructor but I believe that my soft heart for sick, unaided, helpless, innocent persons nor animals makes me better with my profession. Realizing that I am one of those persons whom they wanted to be makes me feel so blessed, that I am lucky to be where I am right now where most of them would want to trade places with me gives me strength to do my best at all times. My profession which I hardly earned became my most kept treasure now... And I know deep in my heart if not today, someday they would also... Good luck guys! post taken from my friendster's blog


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