03 May 2007

learning from my students

After working for two years as a Paediatric nurse abroad, I ventured into something I never expected in my whole life. I became a clinical instructor. I have been teaching for 4 years now and just recently I am handling nursing students in a special program. These students are already professionals who took up BS in Nursing as their hope of getting out from this struggling country. Most of them are having a good position in their specific jobs and in the community but chooses to go below their level... as a student again for a brighter future ahead. In my previous blog (nurse with a HEART), I express how tough it is to handle them. How challenging for me to make them listen and follow me as their teacher. Sometimes, at the back of my mind I am scared but I need to be firm and stand above to make them trust me, that I know what I am doing and I am confident that I can give them what they came for. Besides these difficulties, complaints and lots of arguments that I encountered with them, at the end of the day, I always thought that they were my inspirations. These people worked to death during weekdays and go to school, have their duties during weekends. Now, where is the rest day? Where is the time for the family and other activities? None. If it is difficult for me, yeah, I admit it is more difficult for them. Every time I feel down or wanted to give up because I am tired, I think of them. I think that they sacrifices more than I did and yet they don't complain as much as I do. Every time I hear my boyfriend complain how hard his nihongo class is and that he wanted to quit, I always inspire him with my students' stories and things would be different. My students have given too much time, effort, energy, money to aim a solid future. They work their damn ass to sustain their studies and their family's living just to be like me. I bow my head to them for this very reason. They have to admit as well that I maybe their stressor, enemy or their thorn. I make their lives much more difficult but that is my job. This is part of being a student... and that is another story. We make choices basing on what we think is best for us. Although sometimes our decision was a surprising one, it maybe also filled with surprising experiences and learnings. I never saw myself one day as an instructor but here I am, been in this profession longer than I expected. Life really is full of mystical ways...


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