18 June 2007

Get your Continuing Education at your Own Home

Here in the Philippines, Nurse Continuing Education Units are no longer required in renewing our local licenses. But in order for a nurse to become fully equipped, one should update themselves. Nowadays, some of us are so busy and does not have enough time to attend seminars. For those of you who wanted to still get the course and have the certificate, there is a website that is right for us. It's RN.COM. This site is an ANCC- accredited (American Nurses Credentialing Center’s {ANCC} Commission on Accreditation). Some of the Boards of Nursing in USA requires their Nurses to take continuing education courses in order to renew their licenses. RN.COM is one of the site that offers the needed courses the nurse should take to maintain their license. And this is also an easy way for foreign nurses to comply the requirement at the comfort of their house. Some of the states that recognizes RN.COM are CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, WEST VIRGINIA, KENTUCKY, MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, TEXAS and many more.
All you have to do is to create an account and choose the course you want to take. Each course has contact hours indicated and cost ranges from 5 usd to 40 usd . But if you want to have more and pay less, join their "Unlimited Education Club" and you will only pay 31.95 usd per year which you can have an unlimited access to all the courses offered.
Each course will have an examination after you have read the topics. You must get 75% in order to get your certificate. Actually, you can take the exam while opening your notes. No time limit for the exam.
And the best thing is that they are giving FREE course each month and anyone can take it even if you did not purchase anything from them.
Click the link below to see my latest certificate from them.
"Tuberculosis: Cleaning the Air" is this month's free course.
Take the course and get your certificate now!


Anonymous said...

wow! this is great! I tried the free course and it was so informative! I will be waiting every month for the free courses.

Anonymous said...

My employer in california paid for my CE at Rn.com because I need it for my liicense renewal.. I find it very convenient and of course, informative.

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