07 June 2007

Nurse AOI: A Japanese TV series

I love watching tv series especially those with medical themes like Nip/Tuck, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy. I am amazed by some television productions that can convey "almost" true setting with performance of "realistic " medical procedures. Well, the drama of the story came from the patients and the staff around the hospital. In reality, there is always a drama each day in the hospital. I remember before when I was in KSH, I always finished my duty with a great story to tell. Yes, hospital life is an exciting world, full of emotions that surrounds each story that the patients are bringing with them. Each injury has its history, each disease has its battle, each procedure has its struggle. One of the reasons why I love watching these kinds of shows it's because It reminds me of my duty as a nurse...not only to take care of my patient's illness' but to be their advocate, adviser, teacher and most importantly, a friend who can understand their emotions and situations. Here is one great Japanese mini tv series based on the same titled manga. I highly recommend (don't worry, the caption is in good English) "NURSE AOI" (From the character's surname MISORA AOI). I could not understand why they choose this English released title! They could have made it as "NURSE MISORI. It seems weird but the weirdest part is that its title in Japanese version is "Ns' AOI". Anyways... I will introduce to you the main characters of the film: MISORA- the nurse who treated her patient as a family member, very compassionate, emphatic, hardworking, very nice yet, will fight for what she thinks is right, but willingly admits mistakes in case she did one. She was transferred to this worst hospital in their place for some "bad" reason. IZUMIDA- the respectable chief nurse who makes sure that Misora will never do any mistake again. KOMINE- a senior nurse, Misora's preceptor who is responsible for Misora's actions. She is strict, feared by most patients, very unhappy, silent but dedicated to her work. She became Misora's "angel" TAKASUGI- a happy-go-lucky, middle-aged, and one of the few skilled doctors who gave up his life because of his profession. He spends most of his time in the hospital and never talks about his own life. He was the first person who saw Misora's abilities. TADOKORO- the most arrogant, cold blooded senior doctor who thinks first about the hospital's profit rather than his patient's condition. He portrays being nice in front of the patients and their relatives but deep inside he is ruthless and only aims to gain power.
ETO- an intern who lacks of self confidence because he has to live by his father's high reputation as a doctor. Because of his weakness, he was used by Dr. Tadokoro to accomplish his evil plans. But deep inside, Eto has a good heart and righteous but was just unlucky to be in his present position. KITAZAWA- musician, a part time nursing aid who became the only Misora's closest friend. And other very important characters that makes the whole story remarkable. In the story lies the importance of a nurse in every situation, in every doctors' work, in every patients' lives. It shows that sometimes "nurse's way is the best way..." We are the star of this series. Trust me you'll love it!


Anonymous said...

i will try to look for a copy. I hope it is sold as a complete series with ending... It sounds very interesting!

em said...

me too... sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Where can i find a copy of this?

Richelle said...

In makati, you can buy it from makati cinema square...3cds 11 episodes with ending.

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