02 September 2007

My New Environment

Today was my first day in my new environment. At first, I was a bit hesitant if I can fit in. The fact that came from Davao means I have to compete with my "Manilenya" counterparts. During the interview I was glad that the Medical Director were impressed with my resume and asked me immediately to go on a trial period. Well, it was a great start for me. I must not let the Medical Director down and I must prove to him his impression. I am at the Operating Room and we have few cases that morning. It all went well and I am glad that I have some hospital experience in OR and had been teaching and supervising students as well in same area for almost three years. It really helped me a lot. I never mentioned the "CI thing" to my co-trainees and staffs because I don`t want them to expect a lot from me and/or it might hesitate them to make friends with me or they would ask me a lot of questions which I cannot answer...or am I just paranoid! hahaha! There are times during my first day that I acted like I am still a clinical instructor in the OR because I am used to of imposing what is the "ideal", especially when it comes to violating one of the principles of Aseptic Technique. Hehehe. But, I anticipated this ahead of time so I kept reminding myself that I am working now as a plain OR trainee (I guess this is one hell of a value that I leaned from OR "anticipation"...hehehe) and it helped me to gain control of myself. So far so good, I hope I can established a good reputation and gain more learnings from my new environment especially expressing myself more in Tagalog! hahaha!

Wish me luck!


Myk said...

Hi Michelle,

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