17 September 2007

When will Japanese Market be Open for Filipino Nurses?

We have been hearing a lot from the news and other different sources for so long, with regards to job opportunity for nurses in Japan, but the truth is until now, JPEPA or The Japan- Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement has not been ratified yet by the Philippine senate. (B-3 of Business section, The Manila Bulletin, September 16, 2007)
As USA is giving nurses a hard time to get a visa to work there, we are hoping that Japan is the answer but unfortunately, it is not the option either for now.
As soon as the JPEPA is ratified, it will really help provide jobs not only for nurses but also for other professionals like IT and Engineers and it means no quota for qualified professionals! The first two years after ratification will be a trial period. The DOLE or the Department of Labor and Employment and other departments are well prepared now in case the opening will pursue. There will be 1000 slots for nurses and caregivers for the first two years and will increase its number the following years if Philippines will have a good placement in Japan.
The reason why the economic agreement is on hard negotiations is because this is the first time Japan will open its market for Filipino professionals. And JPEPA is the only way the government can see to liberize the restrictions of Japan's visa requirements and if this agreement will not be ratified, there will be a close door for us in Japan.
And Yes, Nihongo is one of the requirements. The original agreement was, the first six months of the nurses' contract will be solely for Japanese language study in Japan. Although they have their employers already, but they are not allowed to start working unless they finished the course and pass the JLPT or the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Upon knowing these issue, The PNA or Philippine Nurses Association strictly imposed that nurses should have the Nihongo study here in the Philippines before leaving. And presently, DOLE is coordinating with TESDA for that matter.
There would always be ups and downs for nurses. This is the moment where we want to fast forward. But all we can do right now is to equipped ourselves and explore the other sides of our profession. We should not allow ourselves to be conquered by our frustrations and anger. Now stand up! And stop checking the net over and over again when will retrogression be lifted!


Anonymous said...

If ever to choose between japan and USA mas gusto ko sa japan... sana maka work na tau dun.

Anonymous said...

Although the rates for IT professional are higher in US and in Singapore than in some Japanese cities, I still want to work in Japan. I'm planning to study Nihongo next month because employers mostly required it. Japan is already open for IT professionals and Engineers. In fact, some employers handle job recruitment events in some hotels in the country, I already attended two recently in Ortigas.

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