19 December 2007

I want an Ireland Adventure!

Ever dreaming of an Ireland adventure? It is one of the most romantic places I wanted to visit and have fun!. Since I was a child, I always wish to see real castles that I can only read in most fairy tales. And in Ireland, I can make this wish came true. There I can see the famous Dublin Castle which is one of the oldest surviving architectures in the city, also The Castle, built by William the Conqueror’s son, Robert Curthose and of course the Cardiff Castles with a Victorian clock tower on it. There are so many popular historical landmarks and buildings around Ireland which makes the place well-known and well visited.

I am also hearing about the Kilmainham Gaol, the most disuse prison which was built in 1792, and the Temple Bar where the best night spots and great restaurants are located for that endless fun that can make the vacation worth remembering!

There are also various museums around to witness interesting exhibits like the Royal Armouries Museum, Temple Newsam, Thackray and the Medical Museum.

I can’t wait the time I can have the opportunity to have my greatest vacation in Ireland!


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