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06 December 2007

The "SuperHumans"

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Did you know that some people can see colors or taste it when hearing a sound? It is a condition called SYNESTHESIA. According to wikipedia, Synesthesia is a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

I was amazed as I have watched their episodes about "Real Superhumans" at Discovery Channel. The show featured 4 different gifted people around the world. A blind man since birth from Turkey who can paint nature, animals, objects and almost everything in accuracy. A man who can control his core temperature and can withstand cold environment at -18 degree for hours. And a man from Russia who has been called as the "human calculator" who can calculate so quick using only his mind even a great mathematician cannot explain how. And believe it or not, he failed math 3x when he was in grade school. I was really astounded how these people defy human nature.

Elisabeth on the other hand, started to discover her ability one day when she was dining out with a friend. They were seated outside the restaurant having their lunch when suddenly the rain pours. Elisabeth then saw different colors as the raindrops keep falling around them. She asked her friend if she can see colors but her friend said she didn't see any. At that point, Elisabeth started to experience her gift. Each sound she hears has a specific colors and different taste corresponds to it. Bus sound, whistle, footsteps, even the sound of your name and etc. And yes, she can taste the sound as well! Elisabeth is called as SYNESTHE.

Up to now, scientist are still researching what really causes these "superpowers" Some said it is a brain defect, other said it is genetic. But whatever the reason or the cause of this, it only proves one thing, that superhumans really do exists...

And hey, you'll never know, in time you will also discover that you are gifted because these people above have known their abilities during adulthood...


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