16 May 2008

Dreaming of Having a Perfect Nose?

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Cosmetic surgery is one fast growing industries around the world. In fact, some of the countries like Thailand and Philippines convert it into a tourism industry. And because of the popularity of plastic surgery, there are also many doctors who specialized reconstructive or plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty or “nose lift” as we commonly called it, is the most common reconstructive surgery performed around the world. We have heard so many stories about disgruntled patients, unexpected outcomes or unsuccessful nose jobs. Finding the best, qualified and expert doctor should be the first concern a client should take before going with the procedure. Furthermore, a client should know that there are several risks in taking this kind of operation. But if in the first place, a client has selected the best surgeon to perform the procedure, then there is nothing to worry about and at the same time, revision rhinoplasty would be avoided in the future.

So if you are considering having rhinoplasty surgery, do not jump over immediately to what a friend recommends to you, or on what you heard from your favorite actress when she thanked her ‘sponsors’. Do your research. Check the surgeon’s background, qualification and experience to assure you of a reliable nose job you ever wanted.

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