08 May 2008

Medical Staff Should Set a Good Example: A reaction to the VSMMC surgery scandal

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I have seen the video at youtube of that surgery scandal at VSMMC weeks ago and I never posted it here because it’s a shame for us who are in the medical field. But when I saw in the news that the government of Cebu is doing an action for the involved doctors, staff and clinical instructors, I became glad that we are still giving importance for the rights of the patients.

I was a clinical instructor for four years handling students in the operating room. In my four years of teaching, never I neglect every patient’s right to privacy. Taking videos and pictures is a big NO for me. Using cellular phones inside the operating room in the first place is not allowed by our school itself. I was so sorry for the clinical instructor who did not handle the situation well because the students will bear that in their minds for the rest of their lives...(con't) The biggest responsibility I took when I chose to become a clinical instructor is to protect my students and their patients. If I was the clinical instructor involved in the situation, I would take all the blame and I would never involved my students.

Documenting a procedure is not restricted for educational purposes but it should be with the permission of the patient. Of course, for a teaching hospital documentation is sometimes necessary for learning. Hospitals who are accepting student affiliation should make a good standard for the future nurses. As much as possible, they should implement what is the “ideal” set up and practice because that is the responsibility they have to take if they wanted to become a teaching hospital.

Doctors, nurses and other medical staff on the other hand, must also set a good example for the students. They do not know but students look up to them. They respect and idolized them because these doctors and nurses are what the students want to be in the future. I know this because I handled hundreds of nursing students inside and outside the operating theatres.

I hope we could learn something from this situation.

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