02 May 2008

My Journey is Shining at SocialSpark!

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Have you ever wondered where I spend most of my time online? I am socializing with my new found friends at SocialSpark! Taking opportunities and at the same time creating new circle of friends is never been this exciting! My sponsorship with SocialSpark gave me an idea how I can shine and be known to the world by helping one another as bloggers. It is not all about the money. It is about knowing that we need each other to succeed and be excellent information providers to our readers.

I have been blogging for a year now and for that short period of time I have seen the evolution of making money online. They created so many strategies to encourage readers and bloggers to sign up and to gain big bucks. But SocialSpark made a unique progression that would provide benefits to everyone. It teaches us to value the people around the world we choose to fit in. It helps us not only to monetize our blogs but to increase our traffics and links, which is very important to survive in this so-called blogworld.

It took me ten days of waiting for the slot to finally have this opportunity to spread the news about SocialSpark and its worth the wait. In fact, being accepted in the SocialSpark community alone is something I am proud of. Something that made me feel I am part of something big. I may never have the highest pay check but I know that I am on my journey towards being a new person because of blogging.

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Vincent Bautista said...

hey me too! I'm part of the SocialSpark community too! I'll search for your blog there. ^_^

Richelle said...

hi vincent! Nice to see you at SocialSpark! I added you to my list of friends!

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