23 June 2007

Alli: The First FDA approved OTC diet pills in USA

GlaxoSmithKline the manufacturer of Orlistat recently released a fat-blocking pill called alli (pronounced as al-eye) to the US market. Alli is a lower dosage form of Orlistat or better known with its brand name as Xenical. It is the first FDA approved diet pills in the USA. USA is one of the countries that has an increasing overweight population. Before, diet pills are needed to be purchased with a prescription, but GlaxoSmithKline seen the weight problem of most americans and the arising complications it may bring like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc. So they gave the public the power to keep fit and healthy by producing OTC diet drug. Alli is indicated for person over 18 years old. Proper diet and exercise can contribute a lot in getting the desired weight and figure we want, so it is not necessary to depend everything on taking the pill alone. In the Philippines, the BFAD approved lower dosed Xenical is the counterpart of alli. We had it since last year and it sells like hotcake until now, while USA just had alli available recently. We cannot deny that most of us (including myself) considered losing weight as a major task to do with less positive result. There are a lot of ways to lose weight and proven to be working. We know ourselves better than others so choose a diet plan or weight-loss programs that suits you and try working hard to stick to it. Taking diet pill is a great help to lose weight, but having the determination to make it happen is more than the good effect that a diet pills can give us.


Anonymous said...

yup! I heared this one on the news and I thought alli is much more better than xenical! And I am dying to buy it! Poor me, I just learned that both are the same! hehehe... thanks!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! me too.

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