22 September 2007

Remember the 21st night of September...

Yesterday, September 21, I had spent the whole day and night with one of my closest friends who will be migrating to California this Sunday... We had lunch at Tempura grill, coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Vira Mall. I feel sad because most of my dear friends are n0w far away fr0m me. KR is some0ne who would always make me smile and there is no dull m0ments with him. I could never find a real friend like Karol. KR and I love videoke so much so we ended at Music 21 in Tomas Morato. We sang our hearts out like we never did before! Before our time was up, the last song that was played and were qeued before hand was SEPTEMBER. We were really amazed how coincident it was! Now, the last time I was with my friend would always be remembered by this song. After Music 21, we had another round of coffee at UCC at Ayala avenue. Sometimes it is hard to think that life is so unfair! On why good things never last...on why I have to say goodbye to someone I treasure most. But beyond that sad goodbye is a new life and good promises for KR...that reason eases the pain of letting go. Soon I will be joining them in California. The group will be together again sharing the love we have for each other. There will be a new adventure and more fun for us. Stories we will share for all in the near future.
I will be missing KR so much.


Anonymous said...

hi...i don't know how i came to this post but i'm glad i did. it's always sad to have a friend leave you. but you'll be joining her soon. i had fun reading your blogs. please keep it up. good luck in your nursing career.

Richelle said...

tnx so much rubyq! hopefully I will be joining them soon... thank u again for reading my blogs!

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