19 May 2008

10 Things About Richelle

  1. I am fluent in Visayan language but my parents are not. They are born and raised in Luzon, particularly in Nueva Ecija. I am born and raise in Davao. ( We only have less than 5 relatives in Davao. It's a long story why we landed in Mindanao)
  2. I have an older brother who is a mechanical engineer and a board top notcher. Also, a younger sister who is an electronics and communications engineer working in the largest telecommunication company in the Philippines. Yeah, they are smart. (They were both married under the age of 23)
  3. In addition to number 3, I am the middle child, 31, and single.
  4. In connection to number 4, I am off the market, have a boyfriend who is an IT working in Japan as an English teacher! (good job description huh!)
  5. Whenever I go buy personal things, I always buy 5 different conditioners and shampoo and use it alternately everyday. (lately, i got 7 tubes of conditioner in the bathroom and 3 bottles of shampoo)
  6. I love daisies more than roses. Dark chocolates more than white.
  7. I love pink. UCB inferno. Vintage shirts. flip flops. French tip manicure.
  8. I am geographically idiot. (soooo turn off!)
  9. I do not have much patience with children. I worked 2 years in KSA as Pediatric Nurse and I am the good one. (Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? hahaha)
  10. Lastly, I wanted to take AB Journalism in college but ended up nursing. (influenced by so many nurses around me)
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