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28 October 2007

It's Time to Make Money while Blogging

When I learned that I can make money with my blog, I got engrossed. I started searching the Internet on how I can join. And at the same time I am thinking if I can meet the expectations of the advertisers or do I have to write something far from my interests?

I discovered Blogsvertise. They pay while you enjoy writing what you like. Yes, you heard me right!

Here are the very exciting reasons why you should register at Blogsvertise:

1. Promotion or mentioning of the advertiser’s services, products, website is not necessary. When given a task, write about anything you want! You can blog about love, life, funny moments, etc. The requirement is just placing 3 links to the website url to your post.

2. The blogger is given 5 days to do the assigned task and with a minimum of only 75 words in atleast 2-3 paragraphs. So it means that you have a lot of time to do the post.

3. Why wait after three months before you register your blog? If you think that your blog is very interesting and you have so many readers, go and add it up, in Blogsvertise, one month old blog is enough. (some young blog may be subject to probationary status.)

4. And wating period for blog approval is usually 24 hours or less.

It's time your blog to have some profit!


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