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11 October 2007

Filipino's Pride!

I spent my afternoon at SM Mall of Asia with a friend who came from Davao city. There was an event at the mall's atrium and we found out that it was a welcome program for the Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao. My friend idolizes him so much so he really tried to see him from second floor even for a moment. I told my friend that I would be waiting at Seattle's best coffee shop which is near where he was standing. I admire Manny for his way of giving pride to us Filipinos but not because I am a fan of boxing whatsoever.
So we settled and had our order when suddenly, I saw a camera set up at one corner in Seattle's Best. I told my friend that maybe they will have their live interview there. And I was right! Manny and the group came inside the coffee shop and my friend don't know what to do. Seattle's Best were temporarily closed to avoid crowding of people inside and for security purposes as well. Now, people are surrounding outside the shop trying to take a glimpse of their idol and took some pictures. I wasn't expecting how lucky me and my friend was! I guess there are only 5 customers who were there before Manny's group came.
We waited for awhile until they finished the interview and I stood and approached him. I ask him politely if I could take a picture with him and he took my cellphone and kiddingly tried to take a picture of me! I told him that I want to take a picture with him... Everyone at the shop laughed! I positioned at his side and he insisted that he should take the picture with me. And he did it twice because the first time he took was blurred. I can say that he is nice. My friend was jumping for joy because he saw his ultimate idol..
Like Manny Pacquiao, Filipina nurses also are Filipino's pride. We are saving lives and we are also equally world class like Manny. We deserve to have better impression as well.


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