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30 October 2007

Understanding Yin-Yang

Yin-Yang of Chinese often part in dealing with transcultural nursing. So what is this Yin-yang diet is all about? Yin-Yang is a pair. Yin is a complimentary to Yang and vice versa. Yin repels Yin, Yang repels Yang. One exist with another. Chinese believes that everything in nature has its opposites. In psychology, Yang is the leader and Yin is the follower. In temperature, Yin is cold, Yang is hot. In tendency, Yin is contraction, Yang is constriction.They believe that when someone has a fever (hot), one needs cold for treatment. Anything that comes out from the body is Yin. Anything goes in is Yang. Example, If someone has diarrhea (Yin) you need fluid replacement (Yang). Bringing back things into balance is what Yin-Yang is all about.

Example of Yin Foods: Milk, Alcohol, Honey, Sugar, Oil, Fruit juices, Spices, Stimulants, Most drugs (such as aspirin), Tropical vegetables and fruits.

Example of Yang foods: Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, Meat, Salt, Fish, Cheese.

Yin-Yang diet is often a topic in NCLEX. Understanding diverse culture means providing the right care for our patients.


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