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30 October 2007

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Nurses today give so much time and effort in reviewing for the NCLEX-RN. Some enrolled in various review centers while others opted for a self-review. Whatever ways you chooses, it will work the same. It is only a matter of how you assess your capabilities in passing the test.

There are some blogs here which I recommend to visit so that you will have a wide range of knowledge on what this so called NCLEX is all about: Drop by at Nurse for NLE and NCLEX stuff, Nursing Jobs, and some other related articles. Try visiting Philippine Nurse too for similar posts and this blog also has an online quiz to shake your brain cells. Another interesting site is Pinoy R.N. which has an up-to-date nursing news, information and articles, and an online forum for Filipino nurses. Look into Pinoy Nurses Zone for some sample NCLEX Q and A. I have also some materials here for you. Maybe this can give a little help.

Don't just rely on what materials that were given to you. Search the Internet, visit some websites, go to nursing forums to get the latest updates and fresh news about the exam. Be prepared. Answer as many Q and A as you can. Challenge yourself. Strive hard. It will be more rewarding when you finally see that "PASS" result.

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NLE 2007 December Board Exam can also be found at You can leave your email to get updated on the results.

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DEC 2007 Nursing Board Exam Results

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