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17 October 2007

Things You Need to Know when Taking NCLEX

For those who are about to take NCLEX, this might help you.

1. Bring the following to the testing site and present to the pearsonvue staff:
  • passport (Don't forget to sign it or else you will not be allowed to take the test, your signature should be the same with the signature you had in the application form.) and another form of identification.
  • copy of your ATT(Authority to Take the Test)

2. DO NOT bring:

  • jacket (it is useless because they will not allow you to wear one inside)

3. As much as possible, leave your unnecessary things at home or at the hotel. Lockers provided is not as spacious as you thought.

4. Empty your pockets. Don't bring anything during the test except for your passport.

5. At this point, relax. Don't try to recall what you've studied. It is useless.

6. After the routine procedure of identification, you are assigned to a computer. Wait for further instruction from the examiner. Start only when you are told to do so.

7. You have a maximum of 265 questions and 5 hours to take the test and that includes the 10-minute introductory computer tutorial. If you are familiar with computer skip this to save time but if you are nervous, I suggest you take the tutorial for you to relax.

8. Remember, there is no turning back. if you miss the correct answer, you're sorry. You cannot return to the previous number and change it. So better analyze the question carefully before pressing that "next" button.

9. The first 75 items of the test is the crucial stage.Try to answer these items at your very best.

10. Try to relax as much as possible so that you can think. If you are confused with the 2 possible correct answers (which is very common in NCLEX), PRAY for guidance. This is what I did.

11. There is an optional break after 2 hours. Don't be alarm. Take the break if you are tense. Continue answering if you don't want to lose your momentum.

12. Computer will automatically shut down anytime after test question number 75. This means that the computer already determined if you reach or did not reach the standard.

13. After the test, there is a mandatory survey questions for you to answer. And then your done.

14. Raise your hand and wait for the examiner to approach you before you can leave the room.

15. If anytime during the test you have problems, questions, or if you want to take a break (after the optional break), do not leave your seat and just raise your hand and then tell the examiner what you want. Remember that your time is running and it cannot be stopped whatever reason once you begin the test.

16. Silently, get your things at the locker, go out from the area and never wait your friend inside the pearsonvue office/testing site.

Good luck!


pao said...

thank u for this! wish me luck for my exam this november.

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