16 March 2008

How to Apply NCLEX-RN

Save to Google Bookmarks! 1) Choose a Board of Nursing. (for list of various BON see http://www.ncsbn.org/ or rnstuff)

2) Submit an application with corresponding requirements to your chosen BON. Each BON has its own requirements and fees. Example: Vermont BON $150, California BON $75, New York BON $135.

3) After completion of your application to chosen BON, wait for your ELIGIBILITY. It is either thru snail mail or email. It will take usually from one month to three months.

4) When you received your eligibility. My suggestion is to start reviewing for the exam. Your eligibility has a validity of one year.

5) Register with Pearsonvue. The examination cost 200usd. And you have to pay 150 usd for the testing site outside USA and USA territories like Hong Kong, Philippines and India. Depending on the chosen BON, the validity of your ATT or Authority to Take the Test is from 3 months (Vermont) to one year (California). The NCLEX is daily and there are only 2 schedules, 9 am and 3 pm. You can choose the dates and time at your own convenience. But take note that most of the testing sites are easily filled up. So better call immediately for your schedule if you are already prepared to take the test.

6) When you have your ATT, keep one or print one because you will need that to present in the testing site and of course an ID like passport.

7) And that’s it! GOODLUCK! If you are looking for a place to stay here are some Hotels near Trident Tower(Pearsonvue Manila)


Richelle said...

Sorry if I misspelled some words... I am just human being. Thank you for understanding!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm MJ. I like reading your blog. I would like to inquire about the NCLEX exam in Manila.
Well, do you know hotels near the NCLEX site (near Trident Tower Senator Gil Puyat Avenue)?

Here my email address angel_green.eyes@yahoo.com

Thank you very much. Hoping for your reply.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! nakatulong po sa akin...

thaltrego said...

Thanx for you post it helped me a lot. Please do keep on adding any info related to the matter.

Anonymous said...

im very grateful for this posted blog..i got an answer to almost evrything that i have in mind regarding nclex application that is needing clarification.tnx.

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