08 November 2007


Drug-related crimes or accidents occurred to be the biggest problem our community is facing today. Alcohol and substance abuse seems difficult to eradicate. Even strict law against use of prohibited drugs, massive campaign and testimonials of some who recovered and considered themselves ‘clean’ can’t convince so many.
Choosing what is right or wrong sometimes is a difficult situation to be in. There are issues within each individual that cannot be resolved in some ways. Not only people in the low community status, whose main problem is money, resort into addiction. There are many famous persons, celebrities, millionaires who have drug or alcohol problem too well in fact; they have all the luxuries in life. Status is not mainly the basis. Family problem, peer pressure, depression, low self-esteem, low coping mechanism are just few factors why many became addicted to various prohibited substances. But whatever reasons you may have on why you indulged into this, there is always a chance to redeem yourself and start a new life. Everyone deserves a chance to recovery. If you think you want the life you had before the addiction, then it is time to open yourself to interferences and by professionals. Learn to stand up from the mud. It is your will, discipline, determination and huge support from your family, friends and other significant others are the best weapons to be a drug-free citizen and blend with the society without shame.

Admitting to yourself that you need help means allowing yourself to be whole again. Drug rehabilitation facilities are just around the corner wherever you are, to give you proper intervention and big hope for a better new beginning. You have the freedom to choose the center you like to admit yourself, near to home or away from where the temptation is. Importantly is that, you trust that you are going to be better and that you can leave the past behind. Whether this is your first time or a relapse, in-house drug site is an answer. =================================================================== This is a paid post.


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